I have been writing actively on my blog for many months.  The Universe has given me a lot of information to write about and for that, I am very thankful.  But one thing I was noticing was the fact that I haven’t had any comments for months.  Initially, I tried testing my own blog comment system and making a few adjustments to see if someone would make a comment on my blog posts.  At the time I tested the comments system, I didn’t notice any problems.

This request was written on Monday and today (Tuesday), I got this message that came through my contact page:

Personally, I am very glad you are writing this blog and I always look forward to your next entries. The fact that you are a “regular person” like me (spiritual, but not super psychic like Doreen Virtue, etc) makes it easier to relate to. I believe your writing helps and reinforces my own life path as a lightworker. Thank you! 🙂

p.s. I am scheduled to have my first Spiritual Regression session in September thanks to this blog!

Many Blessings,

First of all, I was blown away at the fact that Christine had gone out of her way to send me a message telling me the comments feature was not working.  Then, I was deeply touched by her candid response to my blog post.  I know the Universe had told me that my purpose here is to shine the light through writing and “being”, but I appreciate the acknowledgement that I am making a difference for someone out there.

Thank you so much Christine, you have made my day!



p.s. I have fixed the comment system and I still LOVE comments!