I was listening a local radio station called The Beat tonight as I was driving home from an eWomen’s networking event when I heard something funny.  It was a playback from the morning show where the male host was telling the female host something like:

“You cannot expect a guy to think clearly and logically when a naked woman is in front of him.  There is just NO WAY!”.  The female host said, “You know, I never really thought of it that way…”.  The male host interjected, “What? Don’t tell me you have never pulled this off on your husband! Unless…unless you are just not that good looking naked :P”.

I think the guy had a really good point.  I sincerely believe it is quite true that a man’s judgment can be seriously clouded by the presence of a naked woman.  I mean, how do you think I got myself engaged in the first place? 😀

Ok ok, while my husband did ask for my hand in marriage while I was less than properly dressed, I told him he had to ask me again 3 times while I was “properly dressed” to eliminate all possibilities that his judgment could be compromised in any way, shape or form.  This way, when other people asked me how my husband asked for my hand in marriage, I would have many different stories to tell…