Recently, I reader of my inspirational stories wrote me and asked:

I’ve been thinking more about Spiritual Regression training. I’m very interested in
it, but I feel I’d have to make a break from my current
position if I’m going to commit to something like this. Something in
me says to JUST DO IT. But breaking from the security of my
position with it’s pay, health benefits, etc feels like a big risk!

When I first received this comment / question, the first thing that came to mind was “Nooo~~~don’t quit your job!”  But when I thought twice about what I actually did in the past, I had to pull back and see if it was my Ego talking on my behalf.

I was trained as a Registered Nurse.  I remember early in my training when I was doing my clinical practicum, I had a lot of difficulties getting out of bed to go to my training everyday.  Before I even graduated, the manager of the medical unit I was training at wanted to hire me on as a full time staff.

Within months after being hired, I got into my first car accident.  This was not long after I bought my first Honda.  I was waiting to turn right as a merge sign when a woman rear ended me from behind really fast, propelling my entire car into the intersection where I almost got hit again by another car driving fast down a hill at around 80 km / hour (50 miles / hour).  The car traveling downhill swerved around the front of my car in a moment of quick reflex, narrowly missing me.

I incurred a significant back injury from this car accident, making it impossible for me to do a nursing job that is physically demanding.  I began to study the American Nursing License exam (NCLEX) since I had nothing else to do and the studying really helped take my mind off the back pain.

I ended up going to study in graduate school in the US for a Doctorate Degree in Audiology.  After one year of getting straight A’s, I began to realize I didn’t want to stay in the medical system.  Then I came back to Canada and thought I will just go back and work as a Nurse and weight my options.

Guess what happened next?

I got into ANOTHER car accident.

This car accident occurred at the same intersection, the same way, with the same Honda as before.  Given that I was dealing with residual effects of the first accident (constant back pain), this had just added salt to an old wound I had.  So, I couldn’t work as  Nurse for awhile.  Then I decided that I would go and try be an insurance sales person.  After doing that for about a year, I decided that this was not for me (I’ll have to explain the reasons in another blog post) and decided to try to get in to Operating Room Nursing.

Long story short, I loved OR nursing.  It was nice working with a team of nurses and doctors all at once.  The Nurse to patient ratio was also quite nice, I went from 1 nurse to 5 patients to 5 health care practitioners to 1 patient in the OR (2 surgeons, anesthesiologist, 2 nurses) for each case.  Plus the doctors are really good looking too (heehee).

Then, when it comes time to do my exam, I got an A on my written exam, but could not pass the practicum because they had asked me to place dummy patient into a certain position on the OR table and I didn’t know how.  The reason why I didn’t know how was because I was the “dummy” when they demonstrated how to do this in class.

So, I went back to medical nursing for awhile (by this time, I am newly married).  One day, I was told I needed to get a flu shot to keep working because this is how we are going to protect our patients.  I got the flu shot, and guess what? I got the flu!

For 6 weeks after that flu shot, I couldn’t speak a word and I started having this awful rash on my legs.  Then my husband said to me, “It seem like you don’t like nursing very much, why don’t you just stop doing it?”

“But…” I feel bad if I didn’t make my own money, “I won’t be bringing in the income.”

“Don’t worry about that.” My husband said.  He always have complete faith in everything.  He is a eternal optimist.

At this time, my husband had started working on an online accounting software project and he had lost all interest in doing anything else.  So, he wasn’t making all that much money either.  He wanted me to help him with this new business idea.  There is just one problem, neither of us were generating any income.

That didn’t deter my husband, he put a second mortgage on our apartment (borrowing against the equity of the property) and we began the good life of working from home whenever we feel like it and eating out whenever we feel like it.  We didn’t think of saving much money, we just made sure we feel happy and focus our attention on building the business.

Things took longer than we expected to get going.  We didn’t have any experience in doing a high tech start up.  Something my husband thought would take 3 months to create took one year.  I like to joke around whenever he makes any estimates on “time” that we should multiply it by 4.

Long story short, just as we were running out of money, we were contacted by an investor who was interested in investing in our company.  Part of the investment agreement includes some money we will get up front for building the business to the point in which it already had some customers.

To manifest this was not easy, in the face of financial difficulties (I also gave birth to our first baby at the time), we spoke to our coach every month to make sure we were moving forward.  I was mindful of my own doubts and fears.  I make requests to the Universe every week and didn’t give up when I didn’t get what I wanted right away.

Today, the company we have started has more than 12 employees.  I don’t have to manage it anymore and I get to do what I was truly meant to do.  I can sit here and write without worrying about where my next meal is coming from.  However, there is a journey of actually getting to where I am today.  I had to achieve a level of self mastery that allows me to stay centered in the mist of chaos.

So, to those of you who would like to quit your jobs and start on a new path, I am not saying, go ahead and quit your jobs.  What I am saying is that we are all on a journey here.  It is important to walk the path with faith and be mindful of our doubts along the way.  There is a saying that the Universe will reward us when we are fulfilling our purpose here.  However, it can only reward us if we have complete faith.  If we begin to cast doubts along the way when things get tough, it will reduce the chances of desires being manifested.

My recommendation is to first get on a path of self mastery by being mindful of your thoughts and emotions.  Then affirm your faith in the Universe’s ability to give you want you want by doing some manifestation exercises.  I have listed a simple exercise in my post I always get what I want where you can do the exercise yourself and practice being mindful of your thoughts and feelings.

Once you have learned the magic of manifestation and know that you can have faith in this process, then you are on your way to manifesting whatever you want in your life, including a new job and a new career.

I should also put a disclaimer here (this is from my ego by the way), we are heading for some challenging economic times ahead.  While I have gotten the investment for my previous business in 2009, when the economy is at its absolute lowest point, I know that we should make career decisions while being mindful of what is happening to the world at large.  So as long as we are mindful of our doubts and fears and keep our vibrations high, we will be able manifest anything we want.