This inspirational story is about a Spiritual Regression session I have experienced myself.  This is my third Spiritual Regression session and in this session, I got to see what the “Source” looked like.

When I first saw the image in my mind’s eye, it looked like rays of golden light with specs of other multi-coloured lights enclosed within it.  I realized soon enough, that this was a view from the side.  Then the facilitator I was working with asked me to move towards the light.  At the time I thought these gold lights looked like a “fan” or a seashell.  It has a base / source and the light radiates out of it much like that of a light bulb.  When I was asked what I thought this was, only one answer was presented and it was “Source”.

I was asked if I had a body and I could not answer the question, all I know is that I am an aspect of what I was seeing.  As I moved closer to this “structure”, I realized that from a horizontal angle (if such distinctions even exist in that realm of being), it looked like a spinning galaxy much like the way a hurricane or typhoon might look like on a weather satellite photo with gold, white gold colour as its main colour and decorated with many little specs of other entities of different colours.

Then, I was asked to describe what it would be like inside this structure and I was given an image of a huge sunflower! Kind of spongy with light radiating out from the center much like the flower pedals.

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By now, the facilitator working on me was probably swimming in uncharted waters and asked me how this relates to the Universe and bam! I saw something that was even more mind boggling! The sunflower shape turned sideways and there was another sunflower coming out of another end! Like mirror images of flowers sharing a same stem and facing back to back.  My attempts on trying to find a picture with back to back sunflowers only yield a painting of something that may be similar.  After all, it is hard to get the sunflowers to look in opposite directions since they almost always face the same direction – towards the Sun.  At the point of seeing back to back sunflower images I was given the concept of the “Source” and the “Anti-Source”.  I was not asked more questions about this at the time so I cannot comment further on what I saw or “heard”.

What I know / remember is that the Anti-Source is not “bad”.  It is not like the Christian Anti-Christ.  The Anti-Source is not good or bad.  It is an opposite of the Source.  So we think in the realm of Source there is the concept of Oneness.  But I would argue that the Oneness is not in the Source (the flower) but in the stem and the roots.  There may be many many many “sunflowers” from the same roots.

Now that I have “seen” some evidence that the Source is not “it” and it is not the end all be all.  Our search for information and secrets can never surmount to the vast information that is available out there.  Sometimes, I am not even sure what the real purpose is of knowing this kind of information.  So what if we knew where we came from? Then we got to know, where did the where we came from came from?  We will then continue our journey down a really really deep rabbit hole with no end in sight if we ever tried.

After seeing an aspect of the Source, I was asked how this entity relates to me and I had the experience of watching this vast multifaceted structure constrict to the size of a penny as it enters the area between my eyebrows in the location of my third eye.  In the last session I had when I was given information about simultaneous existence, I had the experience of having my third eye pried open with what felt like laser pulses.  This time, a twirling circle of gold light was being placed in that area.  Then I realized what was happening: The Consciousness of Source is being placed right in my third eye area.  As it enters my head through my third eye, I the structure / entity became infinitely small.

Oh, I had forgotten to mention before, I initially requested the session with a fellow practitioner because I had mysteriously hurt my right wrist after my nanny had to go and visit with her father for a few weeks, making it hard for me to do the household chores. Initially, I was having problems doing anything.  I couldn’t even tie up my own hair.  Then, during the session, I was told that it would be important for me to seek help with household chores because I have got important things to do.  There are tons of words and stories floating about in my head, awaiting to be expressed somehow.  Immediately after the session ended, I felt the pain in my wrist as my Inner Wisdom / Higher Self explained that I need to take time aside from the housework to do what I need to do (write, go out and be with other people).  I had a discussion with my husband asking him to take up some more chores around the house.  Then I spent the afternoon meditating and noticing the pain in my wrist reduce even more throughout the day.  At this moment of writing, 12 hours after the session has concluded, I was able to write two blog posts without much pain in my right wrist.  The only thing I am noticing so far is a slight swelling of my fingers and slight pain when moving my wrist in a certain way. So, it seemed like “they” had continued to work on my wrist as the day goes by as long as I was taking time aside to write and meditate…

The Universe works in amazing ways…


I woke up the next day and my wrist was completely healed.