This morning I woke up really early and craving a gluten free muffin from a local coffee shop.  After I have consumed my muffin, a conversation between the coffee shop owner and a customer caught my attention.  The customer was apparently a business owner complaining about her employee.  She said something along the lines of how the employee told her one day that as the owner of the business, she should work harder than the employees.   After all, from the employee’s perspective, the employee is being paid a minimum wage and the business owner rakes in all the cash.  This really angered the business owner because business owners don’t always make a lot of money, especially if the business has just been started.  In fact, the business owner takes all the risks without a regular paycheck.

The coffee shop owner chimed in, complaining about an employee who texted on the phone all the time while she is at work.  The coffee shop owner was telling his customer (the business owner) that she should have fired the employee who was “out of line”.

As I watched this discussion unfold in front of my eyes, I was reminded of the mistakes I have made in the past when I was a business owner with several employees.  I too, complained about them once in awhile.  Now, when I am out of the trenches and the gruesome days of just trying to keep myself afloat from all the tedious work and financial pressures of being a business owner, I can see that I too, might have sounded just like them.

Then I began to wonder, if the business owners only speak of the good things about their employees, will that change the energy between the boss and the employee?  If the business owners only focused on the good things will the bad things go away?  I know that focusing on the unwanted behaviors did not improve an employees performance.

At the end of the day, it is about point of view, how you see things is how things will be.  If you think someone is a bad boss, someone is a bad boss.  If you see that someone is a bad employee, that’s how it will be.  Even if the employee is not a lazy person in life, he/she will always be lazy in your eyes if that is how you choose to view him / her.

It is amazing how many people go about their day, speaking of all the things they don’t want.  I have had a recent example of how I changed something in my life by focusing on only what I want…

I was having an unexplained rash on my body for awhile.  Naturally, every time I am in the bathroom, I would look at the rash I had.  Then the rash just got worse and worse.  Then I decided that I was going to change my strategy, I stopped looking at the rash in the mirror.  Every time, I lay down in my bed, I would close my eyes and envision my skin is beautiful and healthy.  I stopped talking about having this rash to people, I spent a lot of time meditating and visualizing beautiful skin.  Within a few days of doing this, I got this idea that I would go to the natural pharmacy nearby and pick up this oil I used to use on my skin.  While at the pharmacy, they had a product specialist who was weeks away from receiving his doctorate degree in Naturalpathic medicine.  So, I went to him and showed him my skin and he immediately started talking to me in line with nutrition.  Asking about Vitamin D, E, and fatty acids.  This was something that my medical doctor didn’t consider asking me after I went to see her so many times.

Then I mentioned that I am transitioning to a vegan diet.  He immediately saw a link between a balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids and got me taking this Omega 3 Oil everyday.  I complimented this with a steroid cream to reduce the inflammation and voila, the rash stopped feeling itchy immediately.

I sincerely believe when we focus on the things we want, we are open to divine inspiration that will bring us what we want.  So if you want good health, stop talking about having bad health and start talking about having good health.  If you want good employees, speak well of your employees and focus on what you want.  If you want a good boss, tell people how great your boss is and envision yourself doing the things you love.

One of several things can happen when you start focusing on the things you want.  Your boss suddenly becomes a super nice guy.  Or, someone will come along and say, “Hey, I know this great place that is hiring, why don’t you give it a shot?”.

So, what will you tell your friends and family today?  I hope you will tell them all the things you want and love.