“May, I think I have a mouse problem in my apartment.” My mother said to me on the phone.

“How do you know you have a mouse problem?” I asked. She could be just seeing things you know…

“Well, I picked up some rat poo as evidence.” She said.

“What? What are you going to do? I can’t bring my cats over because the last time you saw Orange Pekoe (my orange cat), you could hardly breathe!” I said, feeling a little exasperated.

“Well you could consider bringing me some your cat litter…” My mom said. “I read on the internet that just the smell of cat litter is good enough to scare the mouse away.”

“You mean you want me to bring some cat poo over to your house?” This was absurd.

“That’s pretty much what I am asking for.” My mom said.

A few days later I showed up with Dante (8 years old) and Cedric (7 years old) and my husband with some cat litter in tow.
My mother’s two bedroom apartment was filled with four different kinds of mouse trapping / killing contraptions. There were the ones that tried to stick the mouse to super sticky glue, the ones that tried to drown the mouse in a bucket of water if it tried to get a peanut, and several other kinds of mouse traps.

“How do the mouse even get in here?” Cedric asked. He always liked to know how things worked.

“Well, there must be a way for the mouse to get into the apartment.” My husband Dobes said. “Sometimes they come through pipes and heating vents.”

“Oh! Let me look around the place and see if I can find a mouse hole!” Cedric said as he got straight to work right away, crawling all over the place.

“The holes might not be that easy to find…” I tried to prepare him for a possible disappointment for not being able to find a mouse hole.

“I FOUND ONE!” Cedric yelled as he crawled around the heater. This took him less than 2 minutes. My boy was a bloody genius.

“Really?” My husband said as he laid on the floor to look. Sure enough, there was a hole big enough for a mouse to get through. “There may be other holes…”

“Where else have you found mouse poo grandma?” Cedric ask my mother.

“In my bedroom.” My mother said feeling very impressed by her seven year old grandson.

Cedric went straight into my mother’s bedroom and in less than a minute, found another hole. This time, my husband pulled out a whole bunch of rags that were previously stuffed into the hole. My mother had been staying at the same place for the last 25 years and not once did we stuff any rags into a hole in the wall. This must have been a problem that occurred many decades ago.

We stuffed the hole up and I decided to call the building manager on my mother’s behalf as her English was not fluent. Despite persistent efforts by the animal control experts, the issue remained unresolved and my mother was still finding the occasional rat dropping here and there. So, she drove back to our house to collect another round of fresh stinky cat litter.

Remembering how I had helped a client healed her malfunctioning mobile phone, I thought perhaps my mother should try an alternative way of dealing her pest issue.

“You know mom, you can have a past life regression session and / or a spiritual regression session about your mouse problem and see what your inner wisdom or higher self have to say about this.” I suggested.

I had previously sent my mother to take a course on how to facilitate past life regression and spiritual regression and during the course she took, she experienced miraculous healing of her own physical issues as well as gained some new super powers – the ability to connect to her own higher self / inner wisdom. I wrote about her journey in the blog post titled: My New Mother.

“Oh, this is an interesting idea…” My mom said, “Why don’t I do a session myself?”

“What? You are going to do a session yourself?” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, “How are you going to do that?”

“Oh, I can just connect to my own higher self before I sleep.” She responded like this was as easy as snapping her fingers.

“Ok…” I must admit I was still feeling very doubtful.

A week later after my suggestion to ask her own higher self about the issue, she called me with something interesting to report.

“So, I asked about the mouse problem.” My mother said.

“How did you do that?” I asked. Being a practitioner and facilitator for helping people communicate with their own inner wisdom / higher self, I am always interested in how people are doing this.

“Oh, I just meditated with the intention of seeing a related originating event or past life.” My mother said, “I just laid down to meditate and I get information… although sometimes I just ended up falling asleep.”

“You can do that?! I didn’t know you can do that!” This was like discovering my mother has super powers. “So what did you see?”

“I saw that in a past life I was a single farmer who farmed potato, squash, and pumpkin.” My mother said, “And I had a lot of rats in the field eating my crops! So I wanted to come up with a plan to kill them all!”

“So, what did you do?” I asked.

“Well, as the farmer, I flooded the fields with water in an attempt to drown them. This method caused a vast majority of them to die but some escaped. Then I decided to blow smoke into their hiding spots to kill them all but I couldn’t kill them all.” She said. “Finally, I bribed a neighbor’s cat with an exsorbant amount of treats so that he would come over and catch the rats for me. This tactic worked VERY well, but unfortunately, this cat got very fat and weak from all the treats and extra food and was attacked and died of his injuries.”

“Didn’t you use to have a cat…” I was remembering something she told me before.

“Yeah, I had a cat as a little girl. He was a very good mouser and he was also injured and died from his infected wounds!” My mom said, “I concluded that I must be a cat killer and that any cat who associates itself with me will die. That’s why I am allergic to cats!”

“This isn’t your higher self or inner wisdom talking here. Your inner wisdom will never tried to orchestrate the death of cats if they happen to associate themselves with you. This must be something you made up in your mind a long time ago because you felt bad about making the cat fat with all the treats and rats!” I explained, “You need to do your bedtime meditation again with the intention to connect to the Light — your true wisdom because they can resolve your allergy with cats! Also, maybe it might be a good idea to ask the rats you’ve killed for forgiveness — tell them you are truly sorry.”

“I will! I promise I will not kill a mouse again in this life time.” She said.

“Sounds good to me.” This was such a funny inspirational story.