Recently I felt the spiritual and intuitive nudge to create this meditation. I am generally a shy person. It takes me a lot of effort to put myself out there. Every time before I send an email through my email marketing software or share something on Facebook where all my friends can see what I am up to, I often feel a lot of fear about putting myself out there. I guess my ego is still hard at work to convince me that no one cares, people will think this meditation is stupid, people will think I’m stupid…etc.

Sometimes I wonder about people who have to do a lot of self promotion for a living…how do they do it? Do they have to push themselves out of their confort zone?

I wanted to ask my trusty inner wisdom as they seem to have something to say about this:

To break free of the contraints the ego self puts on you, you must act inspite of yourself, inspite of the self-doubt, inspite of how you view yourself, or how others might view you.

So, I opened my email marketing software and sent an email out to about 150 people I haven’t emailed in “years”.

I got an email from a woman who said that she had forwarded this meditation to a friend who suffered lung damage during a terrible forest fire and found this meditation very helpful and will try to meditate on her lungs daily by listening to the Healing Meditation for the Lungs.

After receiving that email I realized that all the effort I spent in making this healing meditation available and all the internal resistance I had to go through to act in spite of my own self doubt was all worth it.

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