Daily Effort

Coming out of my evening meditation, I was left with this idea to ponder: If you wish to accomplish something, you must apply daily effort towards your goals.May’s Inner Wisdom So what did I do after I received this message? I took my phone and went down the...

Healing Meditation for Lungs

This meditation is designed to help you breathe deeper and feel a greater sense of well-being and inner peace.
To download please go to: https://maychu.ca/lungs

The Great Transition

The Coronavirus pandemic is forcing human kind into a great transition in many ways. The Light explains this Great Transition and what it is all about.

Be True to Yourself

This pandemic had forced me to really look within. For a long time I wasn’t sure what to do with the mystic part of myself. Sometimes I would call it the “woo woo” part of myself. I feared that if I had showed this side of myself, no one would take...

Transforming Alien Consciousness

Is there the possibility that life exists on other planets? Could it be possible that our lives are more interconnected with our galactic neighbours?

The Great Opportunity

The Coronavirus has taken the world by storm. This post discusses the spiritual reasons behind this event and what we are called to do.

Turning Disappointment into Joy

“You need to list those skates for sale!” My inner guidance kept telling me for a few days. I stared at the the three pairs of black figure skates my son had outgrew. He had not been skating for over 6 months since he was diagnosed with Sever’s...

Do Cars and Objects Have Feelings?

Some time in February this year, I noticed that my black Honda Odyssey van was having some problems. It started out with water leaking through the side of the driver side beam by the windshield, then I was having problems starting the van consistently. I would turn...