Awakening to your True Inner Power

Inner Wisdom Training for Coaches and Healers.

Do you have a deep desire to make a difference in the world by serving and helping others?

The Inner Wisdom Training Program will help you connect to the sacred part of you that is wise and powerful so you can serve those you are meant to serve with a strong sense of purpose. 

This program is strongly catered to those who are in the teaching, coaching, and healing professions. 

Please contact me to schedule a discussion on how you can make a difference in the world with our Inner Wisdom Training Program. 

May is a gifted practitioner who really applies herself to getting optimum results for her clients. In my session experiences with May I was impressed with her insight and ability to understand the deeper nature of my questions and to direct the session toward getting the results and answers I was looking for. I highly recommend a session with May to put you closer in touch with your own higher knowing and for achieving the benefits you desire.
Clare Joslin

MH, DIHom, LAc., Vanuatu.

Leading with Purpose

Inner Wisdom Coaching for Leaders

Have you ever wondered why some leaders are more successful than others?

Many successful leaders have a great sense of “inner knowing”. They have a great connection to their own inner wisdom and trust their instincts to guide them to make a difference in the world. 

Leaders have to make many important decisions on a daily basis while navigating their teams through a sea of change with a sense of poise and purpose. 

Lead with Purpose now and contact me to see how Inner Wisdom Coaching can transform you into the leader you are meant to be.

Working with May had allowed me to effortlessly manifest more money, attract lucrative business partnerships, and generate awesome clients. Using her amazing gifts to help me connect to my inner wisdom, May helped me to see opportunities I didn’t even know was possible. I highly recommend working with May if you would like to discover who you truly are and the amazing possibilities you can create in your life.
Mick Carbo

Business Leadership Coach, Carbo Coaching, Columbia, Maryland, USA

Inner Wisdom for Well-Being

Are you, or someone you know, going through some challenging times and in need of some emotional or spiritual support?

Maybe you need someone to talk to, maybe you are going through a healing journey, or maybe you feel alone and isolated…

Inner Wisdom Being sessions help people by connecting them to a sense of inner peace and wisdom through stillness, intentional conversations, guided visualizations, and energy work. 

*Disclaimer: It is recommended to consult your doctor and other qualified professionals if you have health / mental health or finance related concerns. You are fully responsible for your own results and self-healing. 

I found May to be a highly intuitive coach. In addition, she is thoughtful, compassionate and professional in her approach; it’s clear that she is committed to helping her clients reach their full potential as human beings. Through my work with May, I gained important insights into the underlying cause for some of the key issues in my life, and achieved significant improvements in one of the physical problems I had been experiencing.
Dr. L.M.

Medical Doctor, Vancouver, Canada