Inner Wisdom Training

Awakening Your Spiritual and Healing Gifts 


Have you ever wondered what is your life’s purpose? 
Have you ever wondered about your own sacred mission on this Earth? 

Experience who you truly are as spirit and discover your spiritual and healing gifts. 

Please feel free to contact me to schedule preliminary phone call where you can ask me any questions you may have about training with me.

May is a gifted practitioner who really applies herself to getting optimum results for her clients. In my session experiences with May I was impressed with her insight and ability to understand the deeper nature of my questions and to direct the session toward getting the results and answers I was looking for. I highly recommend a session with May to put you closer in touch with your own higher knowing and for achieving the benefits you desire.
Clare Joslin

MH, DIHom, LAc., Vanuatu.

Inner Wisdom Coaching for Business


Imagine a way of doing business where you always make the best decisions and have money flowing to you easily and effortlessly.  This is the magic of utilizing your own inner wisdom in everything you do.  I have applied this principle in my business when I was a co-founder in a high tech start-up and I’ve created a wonderful business and attracted wonderful investors into the business.  This allowed me to enjoy my life and watch my children play and grow without the stress of going out to work in an office environment.

Please contact me if you are interested in having a complimentary session with me and experience Inner Wisdom Coaching to grow your Business.

Working with May had allowed me to effortlessly manifest more money, attract lucrative business partnerships, and generate awesome clients. Using her amazing gifts to help me connect to my inner wisdom, May helped me to see opportunities I didn’t even know was possible. I highly recommend working with May if you would like to discover who you truly are and the amazing possibilities you can create in your life.
Mick Carbo

Business Leadership Coach, Carbo Coaching, Columbia, Maryland, USA

Inner Wisdom Coaching for Health Issues


Have you ever experienced a nagging health issue or know someone struggling with health issues? With my background as a Registered Nurse and Inner Wisdom Guide, I love helping people find the source of their health issues and resolve them. I have worked with clients from all over the world with amazing results. Please contact me for a discovery phone call to see if you can jump start your self-healing abilities.


*Disclaimer: It is recommended to consult your doctor and other qualified health care professionals if you have a health related concern. We do not offer any medical advice. You are fully responsible for your own success and self-healing. 
I found May to be a highly intuitive coach. In addition, she is thoughtful, compassionate and professional in her approach; it’s clear that she is committed to helping her clients reach their full potential as human beings. Through my work with May, I gained important insights into the underlying cause for some of the key issues in my life, and achieved significant improvements in one of the physical problems I had been experiencing.
Dr. L.M.

Medical Doctor, Vancouver, Canada

Inner Wisdom Coaching for Love


Are you single looking for love? Or are you in a relationship where you would love to add some magic into your partnership?  I had been through the process of being painfully single and was able to turn my life around by attracting the man of my dreams and a beautiful family.  In fact, it took me only three months to attract my Soulmate into my life.  One year after I met my Soulmate, we were married in a beautiful ceremony in a rose garden surrounded by family and friends.  Four years after manifesting my Soulmate, we created a beautiful family with two lovely kids.  The process of attracting a Soulmate requires both a systematic and spiritual approach and I can guide you through the process of finding love in your life.

If you are ready for Love please Click Here to send me a message to get started with a complimentary Inner Wisdom Coaching session.

I love May’s gentle, playful approach.  She is like my Fairy Godmother and I know she will help me with making my dreams come true.  I actually love doing my homework because it brings about changes quickly and easily.  After only 2 sessions, I am feeling more alive, more playful and I am laughing more than I have in a long time.  Thank you May, for your support and guidance.
Nola Peacock

Kids Confidence Coach, Reiki Master, Pediatric Nurse. , Calgary, Canada