In a previous post on the inspirational stories blog, I wrote about why we have natural disasters and how to weather natural disasters through having the best outlook and setting the most positive intentions for those who are affected.

Yesterday, I came across a news article from CBC News where a news segment called The National sent reporters down to the hardest hit areas from Hurricane Irma in the Florida Keys. The reporter found local resident Amber Jackson who’s home was left standing while all the homes around her were destroyed. The next question the reporter asked her caught my attention at 1:20 into the video:

“Why do you think your home survived?” The reporter asked.
“Because I have been trying really hard to do the right thing and I think God noticed.” Amber said with a little smile.

Then at 1:58 into the video, the report interviewed residents Delane and James Lowery where they lived in the worse hit area where Irma first made landfall in the Florida Keys. The reporter asked, “You stayed here?!”
“Of course!” Delane said without a doubt.
“Come on!” The reporter pressed, “REALLY?”
“We’re spiritual people and my guides have already told me we will be ok.” Delane said confidently without an ounce of doubt.

From the video footage, I could see that their house was barely touched by the storm even if there were wide spread destruction around them. I couldn’t help to chuckle at Delane’s response to the reporter because there were no other reasons why they should have survived the storm. So astonishing was their outcome, that CBC included their interview response on Canadian national television.

Video shared from CBC News The National published on September 13th, 2017 Titled: Florida Keys residents reeling from hurricane devastation.