“I really want a VR Headset.” Cedric said to his dad.
“Well, you got a cheap one made out of a cardboard box…” His dad replied.
“No I want a nice want that I can use to play video games with.” Cedric said.
“Well, you can see if you have enough money in your savings to buy a VR headset.” His dad said.
“Do you want to spend everything in your savings just on one VR headset?” I asked my son.
“I don’t have enough money anyways…but I REALLY want one.” Cedric pleaded.
“Maybe you can wait a little bit,” I said, “Prices may come down in the future after you save up for awhile.”

The next day Cedric burst into my office with a shocked look on his face.
“Mom! A coninkidink happened!” Cedric exclaimed.
“A Coninkidink?” I asked.
“That’s what I want to say ‘coincidence’.” Cedric said.
“What happened?” I asked.
“A VR Headset arrived without you or daddy ordering one!” Cedric said excitedly.

“What?!” I got up from my chair. I’ve got to see this for myself.