The Great Opportunity

The Coronavirus has taken the world by storm. This post discusses the spiritual reasons behind this event and what we are called to do.

The Mystery of Time

“I really want a watch!” My nine year old son Dante said as he saw his younger brother played with a digital watch that was given to him as a birthday present. “Why do you need one?” I asked. “Isn’t it good to know the time?”...

What is My Inspired Action for 2018?

Today during a call with my long time accountability partner Mick, I wanted to play a little game at the end of our call to see if I can get a message from my inner wisdom about what I my inspired actions are in 2018 that will bring the most abundance and prosperity...

The Mother, The Mouse & The Fat Cat

“May, I think I have a mouse problem in my apartment.” My mother said to me on the phone. “How do you know you have a mouse problem?” I asked. She could be just seeing things you know… “Well, I picked up some rat poo as...

Why Energy Healers Should Value Their Work

In this inspirational video, two energy healers discuss the importance of charging for spiritual healing work and how it is so important for us to value ourselves. This is because if we can value ourselves, other people can value us too!