This is a time where many people might be making the final transition in their lives — from the physical to the non-physical. This post is hard for me to write, because I know it is personal to many people.

The Coronavirus had infiltrated many long-term care homes and assisted living communities in my part of the world. So far, the residents in these homes have been the victims of most of the fatalities in my region.

This is no doubt devastating for many families. As a person who used to work as a Registered Nurse and took care of very sick and elderly patients, I feel like I have an added insight into what really goes on when people need help with their daily activities — like many residents in long term care facilities. As a Spiritual Regressionist who helped people experience their own past lives and connect to their Higher Selves, I view death a little differently than many people.

I feel that modern technology in medicine had been very successful in prolonging the lives of many human beings. Many people happily live with chronic health issues and enjoy the love and company of family and friends. However, I have also seen a profound degradation in the quality of life of the people who need help with the very basic needs of life…such as eating and going to the bathroom. Oftentimes, in the end phases of life, people have gone back to being a new born baby. They need help to eat and they need to wear a diaper. However, a baby has a caregiver ratio of 1 to 1, or 2 to 1 in many cases. A baby have either one parent or both parents to tend to his / her needs. When the diaper is soiled, the baby would cry and the parents would pick her up, comfort her, and change her soiled stinky diapers.

In the long term care facilities, the caregiver to patient ratio is often much higher, sometimes 1 to 20. One caregiver to 20 residents. Imagine if you had to wear a diaper and can only get a change of diaper when it is your turn and can only eat when someone has the time to feed you.

I wanted to take a deeper look into why the long term care homes are more affected by this pandemic. I also wanted to understand why some people are dying from this illness and some are not. The Light always tries to answer my questions in the most amazing ways.

Yesterday I facilitated a session with a wise Light Being. Peter had heard about me and wanted to have a chat. We found out that we have many things in common and I felt that he was ready to go right into an inner wisdom guidance session effortlessly. Given the current global climate, Peter was very interested to see if there was a greater reason behind why we are experiencing the Coronavirus pandemic.

I did not discuss my own opinions about the Coronavirus pandemic with Peter. I think it is always good to let people receive answers from their own inner wisdom. Prior to going into an inner wisdom guidance session, Peter had a feeling the Coronavirus may be some kind of “initiation” for the world…an awakening of some kind.

Peter went into the session feeling and observing a yellow light that entered through an energetic opening on top of his head, followed by a feeling of a great deal of comfort and well-being. I asked if I could communicate directly with this Light and he agreed.

May (M): Does the Light have any general guidance for Peter at this time?
Light (L): Just BE and feel the love in your heart.

M: We would like to ask if there was a greater reason why the Coronavirus has challenged the world at this time?
L: The human family is sick and needs to heal.

M: In what way are we sick as a human family?
L: Humans are sad, lonely, and disconnected.

M: In what way does this pandemic help heal the human family?
L: Through this event, human beings will learn to appreciate what they didn’t have before.

M: What kind of appreciation will we gain from this experience?
L: Appreciate how we can be more connected to each other.

M: Forgive me but I must ask, “Aren’t we supposed to be physically distancing from each other right now? Doesn’t this create more distance between human beings?
L: The physical separation encourages a greater effort for human beings to connect with their hearts.

M: You have mentioned how this event is healing the human family, but we are seeing that many in our human family are being lost in this pandemic. Can you give us any guidance to help us understand the huge loss of life as a result of this pandemic?
L: Some physical bodies are used up, some will come back, some will take this time to transition, some are complete with their cycle here...

M: What is the guidance you have for Peter and other Light Beings at this time?
L: Open your heart. Be of Service. Speak and communicate the TRUTH. All people need this connection, even those who resist this connection.
M: What do you mean by “this connection?”
L: Connection to the TRUTH.
M: Please help me clarify what do you mean by the TRUTH?
L: The TRUTH is that there is ONE, and we are all ONE. Disconnection from ONE causes sadness, anger, and loneliness. TRUTH is HOPE. There is ONE TRUTH…

M: What is the best way for Peter and May to assist the world?
L: Help people find and shine the Light. Be centered, Be Light, spend time in prayer, set intentions, focus your attention, and flow effortlessly. By doing so, you will align and send ripples of energy to increase the vibration…even in ways you do not understand. Align yourselves to LOVE and disregard what distracts you.

While this seemed like a short session, when I debriefed the session with Peter, he was somewhat surprised that he did not remember much of the session or what the Light had communicated to him. This was a great example of a true physical vessel that got his own ego and identity out of the way so he could bring the Light and guidance into the world.

I have so many more questions as I am writing this story. I wanted to ask about the people losing their jobs. I want to ask about the people who might have issues putting food on their tables. I know that the Light always had better solutions than the solutions my conscious mind might come up with.

What I know is that this is a time for us to help each other. To really share our gifts. I have a gift of helping people connect to the Light. To help them feel loved and connect to their soul and their soul families. There are other people with other gifts to share. Many leaders around the world are stepping up in a big way (those who did not step up will be forced to step up or step out). It doesn’t matter when we are making the transition from the physical to the non-physical. All I know is that human kind is now making the transition from being separated to being whole, from being disconnected to being connected, and from living in fear to living with love.