Spiritual Regression & Past Life Regression

Have you ever wondered about the following questions?

  • What is my purpose here on Earth?
  • Why did I choose to come here?
  • What is my destiny?
  • What are the reasons behind my health issues? Can the health issues be cured?
  • What is my connection with the important people in my life?

These are all of the questions that can be addressed in a Spiritual Regression session.  The process will guide you to a space where we can communicate with your own spiritual guidance to find answers to all of your burning questions.  This is also the space where magical self- healing can take place.  People have self-healed from debilitating health conditions by using this method of spiritual healing.

The Spiritual Regression Process

The process involves using a series of visualization exercises to help you achieve the somnambulistic state of awareness.  This state is experience at least twice daily, moments before you become fully awake in the morning and right before you fall asleep at night.  This state of awareness allows for the direct communication with various levels of spiritual guidance as well as access to past life memories.

Benefits of Spiritual Regression

A Spiritual Regression session will allow you to experience your own “immortality”.  This process can heal traumas incurred during events in past lives or parallel lives that may have manifested as physical or emotional issues in your current life.  Oftentimes, having the awareness of the source of a health / emotional issue is sufficient for complete healing.  This process will also allow you to experience the Higher Self / Spiritual Self, where we can get the answer to most of your questions as well as spiritual healing to many of the physical ailments if it is appropriate.

During the unprecedented consciousness shift of our planet, many clients will actually experience an awakening during a Spiritual Regression session.  This is immensely valuable to helping you to understand your role during these very interesting times on Earth. This is a very powerful process.  You will gain access to a powerful aspect of yourself and many clients have reported feeling more confident and “guided” as they navigate through life.

Anatomy of a Spiritual Regression Session

A Spiritual Regression Session will take anywhere from 3 to 5 hours long depending on how many issues you would like to address in a single session.  The session begins with a pre-session interview where we explore the issues you are having in your life.  This helps us build an understanding with each other.  It allows me to know you better.  This is because during hypnosis, I will be the one asking the questions as your conscious (thinking) mind will be taking a rest while we access your subconscious memories.

Once I have learned more about you and have a clear understanding of your goals and desired outcomes for the session, we will begin by having you lay comfortably in a bed or a couch. You will be in hypnosis for no longer than 2 hours.  This includes the time we will be spending communicating with your Subconscious or Higher Consciousness.

After the session we will spend another 15 – 30 minutes addressing any other questions you may have about the session.

Tips on Having a Successful Spiritual Regression Session

The process of facilitating a Spiritual Regression session is generally the same for everyone.  However, the results may vary.  This is due to an individual’s ability to relax and trust the process.  Most people are able to connect with their own inner wisdom or wisdom from a higher consciousness.  If  contact with the inner wisdom or higher consciousness cannot be made on the first try, subsequent sessions will usually help to strengthen your connection to your own spiritual guidance.

If you have any other questions about Spiritual Regression or Past Life Regression, please feel free to contact me directly.