Kids have a lot of words of wisdom to share with us. Today, my eight year old son Dante impressed me with his wisdom:

“Mom, what does ‘prediction’ mean?” Dante said as he twirled his pen around his slender fingers, trying to make sense of his homework.
“It is a kind of ‘guessing’, like ‘I am making a prediction that you are going to be RICH in the future!'” I tried to define the word with examples he could relate with.
“There is NO FUTURE!” Dante said with certainty as he pointed his pen towards the ceiling.
“What do you mean?” I asked. It was such a strange thing for a eight year old boy to say.
There is no future, there is only NOW; and I am already RICH!” Dante said as he turned his attention back to his homework as if this was just the way the world operated.

I looked at him with amazement and said nothing. He did not need any acknowledgement from anyone for something that was simply true. Who was I to tell him he only has $7 in his newly created bank account (which he will probably spend as soon as he receives his new bank card in the mail)?  He did not need any proof of millions of dollars in his bank account to feel rich right now. He is creating his own reality without a single ounce of doubt that the future is NOW.