Last week I had a fun coaching session with one of my coaches.  What was interesting about this session was that I got to listen to a recording of my own coaching session one week later.  I must say that it is quite a different feeling listening to myself on a recording.  For one thing, I have one hell of a cute voice, maybe too cute some times but I can’t really complain.  I was afraid that I was going to sound like a Chinese person speaking English but it didn’t turn out to be that bad.  I also can’t stand the fact that it took me so damn long to answer some questions.  Like, stop deliberating May! Just answer the damn questions.  There was definitely a lot of hesitation there.  I think I was afraid to share too much because I feel like things might get out of hand and digress somewhere I don’t want to go…

One of the things that made the coaching session so fun was because we did an exercise together and I really want to write things down so that I can come back and read it later.

I was asked to choose three people I look up to or people that I would regard as my mentors.  Maybe I would call them my secret mentors because they don’t know they have been selected 😛  For the purpose of my exercise I chose: Oprah, Jack Canfield, and Eckhard Tolle.

I first included Steve Jobs but actually eliminating him.  Later on I realized I eliminated him because I no longer wanted to be in the tech field.  I am sure there is a lot I can learn from Steve, but maybe not at this time. Bye bye Steve.  I also thought I wanted to include T. Harv Eker but I ended up cutting him and Steve Jobs out in favour of having Oprah because I wanted a woman mentor 🙂

Disclaimer, the following exercise is a visioning exercise in which the topics being discussed are only pigments of my imagination.  I will be speaking with my mentors in spirit and not in person.

Coach Coral asked me to pick a place where I was going to speak to my mentors and I decided to invite them out for coffee.  I thought about the logistics and wanted to sit at a small table where I get the couch and all 3 of them sat in the other 3 corners of the table in a chair.  I didn’t invite them to Starbucks because they don’t brew very good coffee.  In fact, I invited them to a local favourite of mine, Cafe Artigiano.

I can see it clearly that I had Eckhart sitting on my left, Jack on my right and Oprah right in front of me.

I chose to talk to Oprah first.  Coach Coral asked me, “What question do you have for Oprah?”

“How do I be like you Oprah?” I asked.

“What does Oprah say to you?” asked Coral.

“Well, she said, there is no point trying to be like me because everyone is different” I responded.

“Well, how do I get to be like a media mogul and have my own show?” I asked.

“A show may or may not be a fit, but you have got to start somewhere.” Oprah responded.

“I have an idea!”, I exclaimed with excitement, “I can interview people and put the interviews online!”

“OK!” Oprah said, “Go interview people!”

“Is there anything else Oprah wants to say to you?” Coach Coral asked.

“Yeah! She said ‘come to my show sometime!'” I responded with a bout of amused laughter.

“Better hurry up!” Coral laughed.

“I know! I know!” I said.

“When Oprah is finished let me know” Coral said.

“Ok she is done and she said ‘Great Coffee!'”I added.

Next up we are going to talk to Jack Canfield (in my imagination of course).

“So what question do you have for Jack?” Coral asked.

“Well…How do I be like you?” I asked much to Coral’s amusement.

“You are not that far off!” Jack said, “Why do you want to be like me? My hair is all gray!”

“Well, I want to know how I can make millions of dollars publishing stories!” I said.

“Then write some stories!” Jack said with his face beaming as always.

“What else does he say?” Coral asked.

“What other advise do you have for me besides writing stories?” I asked Jack.

“Share them with people! He said with a smile.

“So how was the inner message communicated to you? asked Coral.

“Write some stories!” I giggled.

I think I was surprised at how straight forward the advice were given to me.  Like duh! Sit your ass down and write some stories!

Next up we are going to talk to Eckhart.

“What is it you want to learn from Eckhart Tolle?” Coral asked.

“Are you making a lot of money?” I wanted to ask Eckhart.

“Well…” Eckhart responded slowly, “What is money to you?” he asked.

“Like mulah? Cash in the Bank?” I responded.

“Sure I am making money,” said Eckhart and then he didn’t say much after that.

“What are you doing with your money?” I asked Eckhart.

“I give a lot of it away and I am not particularly attached to money.  I buy food, I have a place to live.”  He responded slowly and decisively without offering any other comments.

“Ok, let’s ask another question.” I said. “How do you know what to write in your book?”

“Well, I went somewhere and it just came to me.” He responded.

“How do I make things just come to me?” I asked.

“Be present.” He said.

“Be present.” Coral echoed.

“‘Be present’ and that is all he has to say about that.” I said.

“Ok…, that’s all he has to say about that. Does he have anything else to say right now? Coral asked.

“Nope!” I said, “Quiet guy. Doesn’t say much.”

“So how is the inner message from Eckhart communicated to you?” Coral asked.

“Meditate.”  That was all I have to say about that.

Was this spiritually legal?

After the visioning exercise was over I had a few thoughts. I think if I was doing this kind of exercise again, I will want to ask my mentors permission to speak with them in spirit.  This is because the mentors seemed so real to me and they talk in the way they would normally talk and give responses like how they would give responses if they were to be interviewed.  I feel their energy /aura and I wonder if they knew that I have been talking to their higher selves.  No one can prove that I had spoken to them but they seemed so real.  So next time around, I should probably asked for permission in spirit first 😛

Regardless of the legal fine print in the spiritual world, I had a lot of fun in this exercise. I love doing exercises like these because it takes me out of my ego and focuses me on what is truly important.  It takes me from my fear in to a land where all things are possible.

I would love to do more exercises like these going forward and write about them 😀