Forest FireAs my kids continue to gain a sense of the world around them and grow into the wonderful little people that they are, I realized that new challenges arise with my role as their mother. Recently, this conversation happened in the car with my 6 year old son Cedric.

Radio: The massive wild fire in the Northern Alberta city of Fort McMurray continues to rage out of control…destroying much of the city…
Cedric: Mommy, is there a big fire somewhere?
May: Yes, there is a big, massive fire.
Cedric: How big is the fire?
May: The entire city is on fire.
Cedric: I want to be a firefighter and help those people!

I really didn’t know what to say. The protective mother side of myself wished he didn’t really want to be a firefighter because being a firefighter is dangerous. Which mom would want her son throwing himself into danger? I did not encourage him or discourage him except to say “that there are many ways to help people, one of which is being a firefighter”.
At the same time, I also realized that this is a natural disaster that needs many courageous firefighters to protect the people and the most important structures such as the water treatment plant. I can’t figure out if mothers of military personnel and first responders feel about their child putting themselves into danger for a greater good. Would they be proud of their children’s service and dedication? Would they be worried about their safety?

For all the mothers out there, if your child choose to be a firefighter or other kinds of emergency first-responder, would you be worried or proud?

As for now, I have made a $100 donation to the Alberta Fires Emergency Appeal Fund. I hope you will consider making a donation to help these people who lost everything and now relying on our support to get through these hard times.