Recently I have been battling this horrible cold.  The worse part of this cold is the fact that I cannot control the coughing at night.  Strangely enough, I do some coughing during the day but most of my coughing occurs at night.  These coughing fits are so bad that I cannot sleep all night long.  The only thing that have helped so far is for me to have a cough drop in my mouth at all times when I sleep.

There are however, two activities I did that stopped the coughing at bay:

  1. Doing Hot Yoga
  2. Meditating

Last night during one of my coughing fits I decided to simply get up and sit on the side of my bed.  I closed my eyes and began to meditate by centering my energy.  I meditated with a question in mind: “why am I coughing?”.

Interestingly enough I got an intrinsic answer to my question!  This is something new I a playing with.  I ask a question during meditation and I listen to my intuition — what pops into my mind. What my intuition told me was quite interesting:

I am coughing because I have something to say that I am not saying.

I began to drill down and asked myself what I wanted to say that I am not saying:

I am not sharing my inner knowledge and wisdom.

And why is this important may I ask?

My inner wisdom is using this to remind me that I have things to do and I better get on it.

What do I have to do?

I need to do activities that will contribute to the transformation of people I am meant to help and they are waiting!

What kind of activities do I need to do?

Write, write write!

So I made a deal with my inner wisdom.  I promised myself that I would come back and write down all that I have to say in return for some hours of good sleep and I must admit I have been sleeping well and with minimal coughing fits.

I feel like a whole other door has been opened to me.  Meditating is fun.  Hopefully next time I won’t have to manifest coughing fits to remind myself to meditate.