This week I did an intuitive coaching session with a client who was diagnosed with cancer along with many other health complications. She had problems with pain and numbness in her legs when she walked into my office. In the session, I was able to help my client access and communicate with what she called the “Higher Power”. My client got the message that she no longer has cancer. To help her understand and validate the message, I asked the Higher Power to instantly take away the pain in her hands and legs. My client came to my house barely able to move her stiff legs and walked out 2 hours later with ease.

I really wanted to help my client understand the cycle of life so I asked the Higher Power to give her a message that will help her in the best way possible. Here is an excerpt:
“When you die, your spirit does not die. Your spirit becomes omnipresent with the rest of the Universe.”
She came out of the session understanding that life is a gift and death is also a gift. She can make an amazing difference sharing the story of her recovery while she is alive, and when it is her time to transition from the physical to the non-physical, she can make a even bigger difference as a part of the fabric of the Universe.

After the session my client said to me:
“I was really concerned about not feeling my legs. Now after this experience, I would be content even if I was paralyzed, because now I understand the importance of the illness and the lessons I was supposed to learn and how much this can change the world.”