While I haven’t written down every single one of my intentions and how they have manifested.  I can’t remember not getting what I want.  I have asked for the seemingly impossible.  I asked for $300,000 and got $500,000, I asked for a soulmate, met him in 3 months and married a year later.  I wanted 2 kids…it all happened within 4 years of learning the magic of manifestation.

Recently I met a woman who asked me, “How come I don’t have what I want?” or “Why can’t I make any money?”  I think a lot of people would ask this question to themselves often.  Very rarely would people say to themselves “I always get what I want.” or “I always have tons of money.”

Unfortunately, as soon as you begin to have thoughts about why you do not have what you want, you have fall in to trap of feeling a sense of “lack” in your life.  If you don’t have what you want, you must be “lacking” something.  With the Law of Attraction, the Universe always gives you more of what you are feeling.  So if you are feeling a sense of “lack” you won’t be able to achieve what you truly want.

Then that begs the question: “How do I get what I want?”

After experimenting and studying how I could get whatever I wanted, I began to realize that getting what you want actually requires you to take time aside to be mindful of your own thoughts.  This is a form of “Self Mastery” that requires your constant attention.  So what exactly do I mean by “Self Mastery”?

Self Mastery means that we are conscious of our thoughts and feelings.  Sounds very easy but it is hard to do in the presence of our Ego.  Our Ego is a part of us that operates from fear.  When we are in Ego mode, we don’t feel good, we feel sad, anxious, and angry.  We have negative thoughts about ourselves and people around us.  We complain about our daily lives.  This is what happens when Ego is running our lives.  The Ego doesn’t always have to be negative and fear based, it may also be that little voice in your head that casts doubt on the good things in life.  When a person achieves a level of Self Mastery, she will know when she is in Ego mode.  Even when she is angry, she will know that this anger is not part of her true self, but from the Ego that does not speak from Love.

When you begin to have awareness of when you are in Ego mode, then you have reached the first level of self mastery.  You can then acknowledge your Ego and remain conscious of it until it goes away. The Ego is very much like a flood, when it starts, you cannot just stop it, it has to run its course and recede on its own.  But while the flood is going on, you can remain conscious that you are having a flood and it is causing chaos in your life and peacefully accept that there is not much you can do until the flood is done.

What you can do, is being as calm as you can in the middle of a flood.  This is not easy to do.  This is what happens to most people.  The Ego Flood starts and they are cursing, they are angry at this flood.  They think to themselves, “Why me? Damn you Universe!”  Then they turn around and speak about this flood to friends and family, giving more energy to the on-going flood.  What do you think happens when we give energy to something we don’t want?  We get even more of it.  Then the clouds roll in some more and you get a thunderstorm, making the flood even worse!  For some people, they even get a hurricane!

It is hard in the mist of the chaos to sit back and watch the flood waters go by, acknowledging that there is little you can do until the water recedes.  Many times, if you can just sit and be with what is actually happening without putting judgement on it, you will notice that life is more bearable and you find that you may even get a big settlement from the insurance company.

At the end of the day, it is important for us to be mindful of what we are thinking, feeling and saying.  Every word and every thought makes a difference to you getting what you want.

Manifestation Exercise

Think of something you want that is fairly simple.  By simple, I mean, if whatever you want happens to you, you will believe it has happened.  I often start with a free cup of coffee, but you can start with something that is believable to you.  Try not to choose something you are really vested with, such as something big like, manifesting a soulmate or manifesting a million dollars.  This will come, but first, you need to learn how to flex your little manifestation muscles.

Then, think about what life would be like if you have gotten what you want.  For example, I was having a persistent skin rash once and I start to imagine looking at myself in the mirror and seeing beautiful skin in the reflection of the mirror.

After you you have had a list or some ideas of what life would be like after you have manifested what you wanted, I want you to go do something you really enjoy doing.  For example, if you love your cat / dog, go play with it.  Immediately after you are done doing something you love doing, close your eyes and imagine what your life would be like if you have gotten what you want.

Do this exercise once a day or several times a day.  Do not be discouraged if it doesn’t happen right away.  If you become discouraged and say to yourself that this does not work, it really will not work.  You must have absolute faith that it will work.

Do this exercise for 2 weeks.  That means, doing something you love everyday, and then close your eyes and think of what life would be like if you have achieved what you want.  Make a note in your calendar two weeks down the road and assess whether you have successfully manifested what you’ve wanted.

Remember, try to choose something that you are not too attached do and will not be disappointed with if it does not manifest.

Good luck with your exercise and write me a comment on how it worked out for you!