Last week I saw this message in my inbox from Dan (not his real name):

Hi May, how are you? I’m in Vancouver.  I would really like to meet up if you have some time.  Some interesting things are happening in my life and I would like to share some stories with you.

Dan was a client who came to me in September 2012.  I wrote his story in a previous blog post One of Twelve.  This man had incredible energy.  When I conducted his session, I remember feeling tired after the session.  Both Dan and I had to take a big nap after his healing session.  In fact, the energy was so high that when Dan went home to turn on his computer, the computer screen first gave out a big bright light before it completely blew out and stopped working.

I decided that it would be better to have a meeting where we can walk around the forest and talk at the same time.  When we walked into the forest Dan began to tell me a recent even in his life:

I was hanging out with some friends two weeks ago when we started talking about God. One of my friends was very religious and he kept on talking about the existence of God. Despite having had that session with you, I often have trouble internalizing and believing the session.  I suppose a part of me cannot believe I could be someone so powerful.  While my friend was talking about God, I was sitting there having an internal conversation with myself.  I wondered, Is God real? Could I really intend on creating anything I want and manifest it? I know this is possible because during my travels around the world in the past year, I really manifested anything I wanted and needed wherever I went.  It didn’t matter whether or not I spoke the language of the place I traveled to.  I was always safe and happy.  When I was sitting there with my friend, I wondered to myself, if I could create positive things in my life, could it be possible to create negative things? If instant healing is possible, could instant injury be possible too? So I said to myself, “God, if you real, show me how instant injuries can be manifested.”

As soon as I was finished with that thought I felt a sudden excruciating pain in my right eye and blood started coming out of my right eye for no reason!  My friends were freaked out as they saw blooddrippingflowing down my face.  Apparently, a vein had popped in my eye for no reason and after that, I was left with a big bruise over my right eye and the right side of my face.  This was super humiliating because everywhere I went, people were making fun of me.  They would say, “Hey Dan! Got yourself into a fight?”

I didn’t even know what to tell them because if I told them the real reason why this had happened, I would be really be considered as a crazy person.  I had to make up all kinds of lies about how I got a black eye.  When my doctor asked how I could have popped a vein in my eye, I tried to tell him that I was just sitting there when it happened and he told me that there was no way this could have been possible.

I couldn’t stop laughing as I listened to the story.  I told Dan that I didn’t mean to laugh in the face of his misery but this was very funny to me.  Everything made perfect sense and Dan knew that he could share this story with me without being viewed as someone who needed to be committed to the psychiatric ward.

“After a week of ridicule from my friends, I decided that I have had enough of this.” Dan said as we continued walking on the trail. “I decided to focus my energy on my eye and face. I imagined light going to my face and then I imagined my face completely healed.”

“Did it work?” I asked.

“The next morning I woke up and there was not a sign of bruising on my face.” Dan said with a smile, “Next time, I should be careful what I wish for.”

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