Recently I was having a discussion with other healers about how to be more effective in helping others. There were some discussions suggesting that higher frequency individuals tend to facilitate the best past life regression / spiritual regression sessions. I decided to ask my own inner wisdom for own guidance on this issue:

Q: Dear Universe, Is there anyway to improve the frequency of a facilitator / individual?

A: You all came from Source did you not? There are no exceptions.

Q: Why are some people’s frequency more suitable for successful sessions then others?

A: Some need their house cleaned.

Q: What do you mean by that?

A: They are plagued by residue of self doubt instead of self trust. They have preconceived limitations rather than absolute trust. Even as we speak of this, you are still working on YOUR absolute trust.

Q: You got me. How can I improve my absolute trust?

A: Be who you truly are. You don’t need to pretend to be anyone else, do things like anyone else, say things that are only appropriate for certain audiences. Have absolute trust to simply BE.

Q: I am afraid that people are going to view me as some kind of lunatic who should stay at the psychiatric hospital and no one out there in the REAL world would take me seriously.

A: Do you take yourself seriously? If you take yourself seriously, others will take YOU seriously too. You do not need anyone else to take you seriously if you can take yourself seriously.

Q: Any guidance for people who might be reading this right now?

A: BE true to who you are. You are Source, and that is already, good enough.