close your eyes, you do not need to see
there is nothing out there to see
but a set of false illusions
the only truth is within
no one else will be able to find it for you
you can only find it
deep within yourself

so, close your eyes,
there is no need to see —
what is merely your mind’s construct
close your eyes and see the light within
you are that light
nothing else matters
no amount of possessions can lead you closer to the light within

focus on the experiences you wish to create
we love you and we hope that you too
can love yourself
trust yourself
we will never give up on you
such an act is
impossible in the realm of love

we believe in you in the beginning
we believe in you until the end
so go forth and create
we do not have any judgments of what you do
go forth and experience
all that you want to experience

if you choose love, that is of your own choosing
if you choose pain, that is of your own choosing
no matter what you choose,
we offer love and
unconditional acceptance

~ May Chu,  Jan, 2013, written with eyes closed…