Listen to Your HeartDear Universe,

May:I feel super cranky right now. Everyone around me pushes the wrong buttons. The people I love are totally annoying me. What should I do?
Universe: Write
M: What should I write about?
U: Too many “should’s” and not enough writing. When we do not do what we say we would do, we become cranky and we take it on others. The other people are paying the price of your broken promises to yourself.
M: Am I different from other people? I guess this is my way of justifying that everyone else has a similar issue, I am not alone in this…:P
U: Speak for yourself only.
M: Ouch, my ego feels hurt.
U: It is you who create the meaning of the message being delivered. If you stop the justification, then you won’t feel as hurt. Take things as it is and not to make too much out of what it means to you.
M: Speaking of broken promises, would it be much better if we make no goals or promises to ourselves and then we won’t be breaking any promises or suffer any consequences of broken promises?
U: You may try to stop making promises in the physical, but there were promises you’ve made to yourself in the non-physical. You cannot ignore those promises.
M: We were not born to have the intel on what we have promised on the soul level are we?
U: Yes you were born with the information intact AND you have access to it.
M: I never hear you singing from heaven telling me what I am supposed to do. Or rather, what I had promised to do.
U: Yes, we sing from heaven into your heart all the time and you just have to listen to your heart.
M: It beats…
U: Do what you feel you must do. Even if it is hard. We sing from heaven in a way of a nudge in your heart. If you pay attention to what is in your heart, you will hear us more clearly.
M: You tell me to write but I don’t feel like it.
U: The real you very much feels like writing…which is why you get cranky when you are not writing. The aspect of you that does not feel like writing wants to keep you safe from others who may attack you for what you write.
M: Will there be people who will?
U: Absolutely!
M: That does not sound fun at all!
U: If you know that for every person who criticizes you, you can transform the lives of a thousand other people, would you rather be criticized once?
M: My ego is screaming that it does not want to be criticized at all.
U: And that stops you from doing what you came here to do. So, what’s more important?
M: Keep my promise and share my insights and stories. Who knows, maybe those who criticize me are cranky because they are resisting their true calling…

What I Learned

I was reminded that everyone comes here for a reason. There is something that each of us need to learn and to contribute in our own way. When we break our own promises to ourselves, we become cranky, anxious, annoyed, depressed, for no good reason. We need to consider both the promises we have made in the physical and non-physical. Even if it seemed like we have no access to our promises to our soul, we do have access to that and the Universe can speak to us through the feelings in our heart — to do what we feel we must do.

Bottom Line: Listen to your heart and do what your heart truly wants to do.


I sat down to write at my computer to fulfill my promise to write one thousand words a day. I added more than 3000 words to my book.