At the end of 2007, my search for my higher purpose in life begin to intensify as I was in a great state of spiritual unrest.  I felt a sense of impatience — like I needed to walk a different path than the path I was walking.  I needed to gain a deeper understanding of myself as a spiritual being.  I began my search by meditating and attempting to meet my higher self.  I also conceived of the idea of hiring a life coach to assist me.  I wasn’t really sure what it was like to work with a life coach, but I was desperate for answers and so I decided to hire Master Coach Steve Mitten to see if working with him can point me to a fulfilling career path.

My first coaching session with Steve was on January 3rd  (coincidentally, this blog was initiated on January 4th).  I wasn’t sure what kind of value I would get out of this coaching session but I was eager to get started.  I told Steve I wanted to gain some knowledge about how I can help my husband with his business.  Steve, however, did not feel that was the best place to begin our work together.  Steve wanted to start with the basics — my core values.

I had a difficult time with understanding the meaning of core values.  So far, I believe core values are aspects of life in which I feel are important and fulfilling.  My core values are things that motivates me and makes me whole.  These core values will contribute to setting the foundation for a fulfilling career and life.

Steve asked me to describe to him 2 major events in life that I could remember.  I went in chronological order beginning with the story of how I started my first business at the age of 9, and finished with a story of how I helped a patient to gain joy and perspective during her dying process.  After listening to my story, Steve demonstrated his ability as a master certified coach and was able to immediately give me a list of personal values I have shown in my stories.  He said I may have some core values surrounding the following themes:  spirituality, learning and growing, having meaningful connections with people, having great relationships, being authentic, and understanding the deeper currents of life.

I was given some homework to do before my next coaching session on January 18th.  My homework was to come up with a list of 6 to 12 core values and rank them in order of importance.

Here are my core values in order of importance:

Seeking Knowledge and Meaningful Experiences
I believe each one of us is here to learn and grow.  That’s is the purpose of why all of us are here.  Otherwise, we should have just stayed in the ether where life is perfect.  I am here to experience the extent of our infinite potential and to experience the manifestation of that infinite potential in this physical body.  One of the most important missions of why I am here is to have many deep, meaningful experiences.  This is definitely on the top of my list of learning experiences I want to take with me back to the ether when this physical body ceases to exist.

Developing Spiritual Awareness — To Be Conscious
I would like to manifest the knowledge and wisdom I already have in this physical body in this life time.  It is my desire to regain the inner knowingness of universal wisdom.  I would like to develop enhanced intuition to help people eliminate their blocks and limiting beliefs and unleash the power within us all.  I believe this process will assist me to increase my vibration and therefore help to elevate the vibrational frequencies of many others.

Making an Impact through Inspiration
It is important for me to inspire millions of people.  It is my intention to make a significant impact in the personal and spiritual development of people, to participate in the transformation of those who seek to be inspired and enlightened.

Meaningful Relationships
I intend to create and maintain deep, meaningful relationships through the giving and receiving of love.  I am committed to communicating authentically, and respectfully.  I place a high importance on self-actualization in the presence of these meaningful relationships so that I can contribute and grow.

Living the life of Service
I have a strong desire to be of service:
– for those seeking fulfillment and joy
– for those seeking to be uplifted and inspired
– for those seeking to unleash their inner power
– for those seeking wisdom in personal and spiritual development

To create abundance in partnership with the Universe
I am here to learn to create an abundance of positive and meaningful experiences through passion and intention.  I seek to fully embrace and receive the fruits of my requests to the universe with gratitude.  I intend to create an abundance of: inspiration, love, joy, happiness, and money.

I am unsure whether or not I have done my homework properly, I certainly did not create a list of values consisting of one or two words each.  Hopefully Steve will work with me to help refine my values in our next coaching session together.