Some time in February this year, I noticed that my black Honda Odyssey van was having some problems. It started out with water leaking through the side of the driver side beam by the windshield, then I was having problems starting the van consistently. I would turn the key of the ignition and it would sound like it was trying to cough up some phlegm with great difficulty before actually starting the engine.

I took my van to the car service shop and they replaced the sun roof (where they thought it was leaking), they replaced the starting motor, and the ignition cylinder.

The people at the car shop said the car started fine but decided to fix these things just to see if they could solve the problem. Honestly, the van started fine for the guys at the car shop but not fine for my husband and I after we’ve taken the van back home.

I was talking to my dad about this issue and he said, “Why don’t you change the battery?”

I told him that the guys at the shop did a test on the battery and thought the batter was in great working condition and found no reason to change it. At the insistence of my dad, I decided to spend some more money to change the battery.

After I picked up the van from the shop with a new battery, I found the van to be even WORSE! It was quite unnerving taking the van shopping and finding it hard to start the van on the first try!

After I told my dad that my van was worse off with a new battery, my dad said in utter frustration, “Why don’t you talk to your van and ask what’s going on?”

Are you trying to tell me to talk to my car? Honestly, this sounded a bit strange to me. I mean I have heard about people talking to objects before. Many years ago, I heard of a story where my friend Sian Chua was working with client and decided to ask the client to help her fix her CD player. To her great amazement, she found that her broken CD player started working again.

I also remembered another incidence where I was working with client to access her higher self to and I loosely asked why she could not make or receive calls on her mobile phone and after the session, she was immediately able to receive a phone call on her phone.

I decided that it is time I try a more “unconventional approach” to fixing my van with some automatic writing and journaling.

Dear Universe,

Can you help me resolve what is happening with the van?

Universe: You don’t want to leave the van but the van wants to leave YOU!

May: Can I love the van more so that it will stay with us longer? (The van is 9 years old but has low mileage and never missed a service. Beside the starting issue, it runs beautifully.)

U: There was already a breakdown in the relationship when you left it for one year to live in Taiwan and then you go the Shinny White Car (Our 100% electric Nissan Leaf).

M: May I speak to my van please?

Van: No!

M: Why not?

V: We are upset (I guess all the parts of the van are speaking now). We are in such great condition but we are not being used or driven.

M: So what can I do to make it up to you?

V: We need to go to another family.

M: But we need a big gas car to drive around some times.

V: Clearly you don’t. Not all the time, you can rent one any time, renting is better than owning a second car for you because you don’t need it all the time. It is better than owning a second car you barely use.

M: Who, Dear Van, would you want to go to?

V: A big family.

M: Can you please help us identify the problem and fix it so that we can let you go?

V: Yes, the problem is will be fixed. Very easy fix.

M: We spent so much money fixing you, can you please let us drive you for one more summer?

V: NO!

M: But I don’t want to let you go!

V: If you love me, you should let me go.

M: Is there any other way to help you feel more needed and special. Please stay with us longer.

V: Then drive me every day, park me in front of your townhouse instead of another stall far way from your house.

M: As you know we would like to drive the car that doesn’t use any fuel, how often should we drive you to make you feel important and useful?

V: For the first week, put me in front of your house all the time. In the future I want to be driven 3 times a week and parked in front 3 times a week.

Update in August 2019

My van no longer has issues starting up. I had taken the van into the another car shop after I had a “energetic dialogue” with it and the mechanics found no detectable problems. In fact they told me that my van was in very good condition.

Now my son is playing hockey goalie and his goalie bag doesn’t fit into the trunk of the electric car anymore so I now drive the van several times a week for him to get to his games and practices. In the coming hockey season I believe will be driving my van up to 5 times a week.

I am glad my van is now healed and it chose to stay with us.