piggy and moneyYesterday, my 4 year old son Dante convinced me to take him and his 2.5 year old brother to an indoor play area for kids.  As I was parking the car, Dante asked me, “Mommy, do you have a lot of money?”.

“No, I don’t have a lot of money…” I paused in that moment and caught myself in a response that seemed more like a reaction than the truth.  This was the response my parents gave me as a child.  Maybe it was important for children to learn to be humble, to learn that money is hard to come by, to learn to be responsible with money because there is not enough to go around.  But are these the values I would like to instill in my children?  What would I like them to see as possibilities around money?  What am I telling the Universe about my beliefs?  Is this what I would like to manifest for myself?

“Actually Dante, I change my mind, I have LOTS of money.” I restated my position on this matter.

“Oh, can I have some money then?” Dante was quick to seize the opportunity.

“Why do you want some money?” I asked suspiciously. Now he has gotten me in his trap! I thought to myself.

“So I can take Cedric on all the rides!” Dante was hoping for a positive response from me.

“Oh, alright!” I ended up paying $5 for 8 tokens for him to go on all the rides.

Here are some of the questions  I am asking myself: am I spoiling my children?  That’s the ultimate fear of any parent.  We’ve all seen those spoiled brats and we don’t want our children to turn out like them.  Perhaps there is a fine balance between showing our children about endless possibilities and how money works.  Are we supposed to have an endless supply of money?  Can we really obtain everything we have ever wanted?  Would this be some kind of focus on materialistic pursuits?  Do we have to work hard for our money?  What about those starving children in Africa?

I don’t have the answers to all these questions, what I know is that I want to teach my children they are the creators of their own life.  I want to show them that the possibilities are endless. There are no limits in this world, not even the sky.