Pocket watches in a chain. Last night I went to bed feeling like I don’t have enough time. I have many books I need to write but I feel impatient about the time it takes to write them. I woke up this morning with a strange image. I saw a horizontal line that represented a time line, then I saw the straight line moving into something that looked like a ladder. It was as if time was stacking on top of each other rather than being linear.  I saw that things took no “time” at all if I could understand how to get out of having a linear mindset.

The question in my mind was: How could I put this to work in real life?

Dear Universe,

Why did you show me that time is stacking on top of each other?

Because you don’t do things one at a time, you do them all at once!

But I only have so much time in a day and I can only write one book at a time?

You can work on all your projects at the same time. Remember, just because your fingers are not on a keyboard or holding a pen, you are still writing. The words are now being created in the non-physical, making it easier for you to put things into physical reality. 

How does that translate to what I can do on a day to day basis?

Write whatever comes to you, whatever you are thinking about. Don’t force your brain to think about something else other than the thoughts that are presented to you. They could be on different stories each day. Over time, this will translate into many bodies of work being done all at around the same time. 

Is that advisable? Wouldn’t that be a little crazy to try to market all the books all at the same time?

If you want to do the marketing yourself, that would be a lot harder than leaving it to us. You may want to ask “How?” but that is not the best question to ask because the question of “How?” infers that time is linear and there is a sequence of events or actions you need to take. You may come back and visit this later on and you can update everyone on how things turned out. 🙂

It seems like the perception of time is very subjective, time can bend and expand through our perceptions. Have you ever snooze on your alarm clock for a few minutes and it felt like hours? Have you ever snooze after your alarm clock had sounded and what felt like just a few minutes of snoozing made you one hour late? Things seem to take forever when we force ourselves to act against the flow of the Universe. Things seem to take a lot less “time” and we can accomplish things more easily when we are in the flow and we let our inner wisdom take over, allowing the Universe to operate thru us. Personally, I am really looking forward to doing some time-bending in the near future.