Recently I had a discussion with a friend who felt insecure about the future. If you are a human being, chances are you have worried about the future at some point in your life.  After spending 10 years on personal and spiritual development and creating the life of my dreams. I have learned that reality is created rather than something we have no control over. However, reality can only be created if you can believe that the intended outcome is possible.

I can understand that it is hard to trust that things will work out and that your dreams will come true. In fact, sometimes, we will experience set backs along the way. Donald Trump had experienced losing millions of dollars before he made back all the money he had lost and then some. The question we ask ourselves in the times of failure is: what have we learned? The beauty of life is that it is full of lessons to be learned and experienced.

In the willingness and persistence to break through our own barriers, we may get a taste of success. Outside our comfort zone is uncomfortable, but it can give rise new levels of achievements, joy, love, and ways of Being in the world.

I really believe that learning to trust yourself and the Universe is crucial to reducing stress and worry about the future. But this journey to trusting is the most difficult one of all, because we have been taught to doubt, to be “realistic”. This is a process that will require unlearning many of what you have learned to be true so that you can live the life of your dreams.