Previously on Manifestation Stories I spoke about the fact that I am ready for a change in my life.  I went on a quest to realize the purpose of my existence through various methods.  I have tried hypnosis and coaching.  In this post I wanted to share a session I have had with an aura reader.

I have known Patricia since 2006.  It was a time of transition and Patricia has made an incredible journey with me.  She has supported me through all the major events that happened in the last four years.  I went to her

  • when I was single
  • when I met a guy
  • when I contemplated dating him
  • when I contemplated marrying him
  • when I contemplated having kids
  • when I started a business with my husband
  • when I was sick
  • when I was pregnant for a soothing massage
  • for meditation classes

Recently I went to her so she could read my energy and aura and translate what my energy is showing her. As much as she could have just told me what she saw, she took me through a guided meditation in which I did my own spiritual reading. Patricia was right there with me every step of the way. When I told her what I saw she told me what she saw (they were quite similar), when I was stuck, she was there to guide me along. She asked me to visualize my next career paths as roses of different colours. We saw four roses together and she asked me to tell her the colour of the roses and what they meant to me in terms of career possibilities and here is what I saw.

Yellow Rose

The first rose I saw was a yellow rose. When Patricia asked me to tell her what possibilities this rose presents I told her “children”. I am not quite sure what this means, but I have a feeling that it has something to do with educating children in a way that is free and conscious. This may mean my own children or it may refer to running a school or institution for children. This possibility is not the most immediate one (at least this was how I felt).

Pink and White Rose

This rose is the rose that represents “Coaching” but I don’t know what kind or how I will accomplish this yet.  But I am following through with this one by seeking out student coaches to coach me to see what it is like to be coached.  I must admit so far I feel like the word “coach” is over utilized and majority of the population don’t really know what it means when someone is a coach.  I will have to continue my feelings around the “coach” word in a separate blog post.

Red Rose

This is the “Relationship” rose. It is not quite about my own relationship but more to do with helping other people with their relationships.

Dusty Blue Rose

This is the “Writing” rose. This is the one that I feel is most immediate and accessible to me since I feel the desire to write and have a medium (this blog) to express my thoughts and experiences. I am not really sure what topics I will focus on, maybe I will draw from the possibilities I have outlined above but I feel strongly that I can write a book or an ebook. I will also write and design courses (these thoughts are coming to me as I write). I also sense that this rose not only represents “writing” but both “reading and writing”. On a weekly basis I ask the universe for inspiration and it has not failed me yet.

Over the course of the year I feel that I will being to explore each of these roses and the possibilities they present. When I meditated I saw that I can do everything simultaneously and not having to choose one possibility over another. It is quite natural for me to carry the fear that I may not be able to follow my dreams or that I would fail, but deep down inside, I know that as long as I keep writing here, I will flourish 🙂