Yesterday I was writing my blog in a coffee shop.  After writing for awhile, I noticed my coffee was getting cold.  So I brought the coffee up to the Barista to see if he could heat up the coffee for me.  We started talking about different local coffee roasters when my coffee was being heated up.  He was so nice he thought he should just steam up some milk to warm my coffee.

I was happy about the service and went back to the table I was sitting at.  I noticed the coffee didn’t taste quite as strong anymore after more milk was added to my drink but I was happy anyways because of how wonderful this environment was. Then, a few minutes later, the same Barista I was speaking to came over and offered me a free latte!  The only catch?  It was made by mistake and had been sitting there for a few minutes.

From my point of view, nothing happens by accident.  Recently, I had been asking the Universe if I should omit coffee from my diet.  Clearly, I can still drink coffee without compromising my ability to conduct energy.  How wonderful!  Now I can write an inspirational story about getting a free latte!

Thank you Universe for the Free Latte!  I hope the Barista feels as abundant as I do.