Recently it came to my attention that I had a health problem. I had to go to the bathroom often and this had affected my ability to sleep through the night.  I worked with my Higher Self to see if there was a reason why I was having this problem. My HS said the reason for my frequent urination was the fact that there is too much energy that needed to run through me and I am not allowing the energy to flow through my body to the ground.  Some accompanying symptoms of not “grounding” is frequent urination because going to the bathroom is a way of allowing the energy to leave the body and into the ground.  I was also experiencing frequent headaches and this was also due to the fact that too much energy was “stuck” in my body.

For those of you who are suffering similar symptoms as I was, I need to elaborate more on the concept of grounding your energy.  Our bodies are made of energy.  Every part of our body can be broken down into the smallest energy particles of protons and neutrons.  At any given moment, energy is running through the body and this energy can either circulate or leave the “system”.  Energy also comes from above (sky) and below (earth).  Have you ever noticed that on a warm sunny day (when it is not too hot of course), it feels nice to be outside?  Maybe it also feels nice to walk around in nature as you feel your feet on the ground?  In general, energy comes from above and circulates through our bodies before leaving through the ground, this process is called “grounding”.  Some individuals also get energy from the ground and the energy rises to the top and exits there.

In any case, energy is meant to flow, it is not meant to be stagnant.  As living beings we move the energy with breath and intention.  Most of the time, the energy is not flowing well through us.  Let me give you an example, pause immediately and notice your breath, you might be either breathing through your chest with shallow breaths or worse yet, you are holding your breath.  Even while writing the last sentence, I had to remind myself to take a deep breath.  I was barely breathing.  Most people don’t really breathe, they take in just enough air to survive but nothing more.  This causes a build up of “energy” in the body over time.  This can manifest in the form of stress or anxiety.  The headaches and the bladder issues are just some of the many manifestations of “stuck” energy.

When I connected with my Higher Self I could feel the Universal Consciousness moving through my body.  I was breathing really heavily trying to move as much “breath” as I could through my body.  After this experience, I didn’t feel like going to the bathroom even though I had been under for two hours.  I also felt this tingling on the top and back of my head as energy continued to enter my body.

The next day, after I took a shower, I saw a glimpse of my back in the mirror and froze in shock.  I saw that there was two red spots on my mid-back about the size of my fist, where I used to have pain while sitting.  I also saw the the back of both my legs and buttocks were purple red in colour.  I was sure I didn’t purposely run water down my legs, after all, the water from the shower usually lands on my shoulders and hair.  I also noticed that a painful spot on my upper hip had disappeared as well.

On another interesting note, another friend had a similar problem (frequent urination) also has a lot of energy running through him and he was just going to the bathroom constantly (I am not the only one).  I thought him a grounding exercise by asking him to visualize his breath and sending the breath around his body and into the ground, almost like flushing things down the toilet.  He told me he felt much better after this exercise and I sure hope he continues with this exercise for the sake of the convenience of not having to go to the bathroom every 10 minutes :P.

I am sure not all cases of frequent urination is caused by stagnant energy flow in the body, but in this case, after I began to apply my homework of grounding my energy everyday, I didn’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom anymore…YAY!

The next time you notice yourself barely breathing or you are suffering from a headache or  going to the bathroom too much, sit down in a relaxing position, take deep breaths into your belly and imagining your “breath” coming into your nose, up to your head, then breathe out and imagine the same breath down your back, your legs and into the ground like flushing the toilet! Repeat as many times as necessary…