Two days ago I facilitated a Spiritual Regression session with a 50 year old male client.  Aside from a being slightly chubby (not to the point of being overweight), he looked relatively healthy.  During the pre-session interview, Bill (not his real name) mentioned that he had a slew of health problems including, high blood pressure, high blood sugar (not quite diabetes), high cholesterol, and increased visceral fat around his internal organs.

When I communicated with Bill’s Higher Self / Inner Wisdom, I started asking his Higher Self what his purpose was for coming here.  The Higher Self was a bit miffed at Bill, below was a transcript of the discussion:

Bill’s Higher Self (HS): We kept talking to him but he doesn’t listen to us, he chooses not to listen to us.”

May: Why do you think he doesn’t want to listen to you?

Bill’s HS: He is afraid that it is the ego talking and not his Higher Self.

May: How can he know if it is you talking or his Ego talking?

Bill’s HS:  This is hard to distinguish, but Bill is starting to distinguish the difference.  Despite knowing the difference, he is still choosing not to listen!

May: So, he is worried about his finances and making money…

Bill’s HS: If he only listens, and stop being greedy, he would have lots of money.  We can tell him what to do to make money.  He will have many many different ways to make money!

May: What about his health problems?

Bill’s HS: You think those are problems?  He is doing very well already considering all the CRAP he is eating.  If it was not for us (Bill’s Higher Self), he would be dead already.  If he starts to eat better, all his health issues will be resolved.

May: Do you have any suggestions on how he can do that?

Bill’s HS:  He met you (May) now didn’t he? He will improve his diet because of you…

As you can see, despite the fact that most people eat a lot of crap, they are still alive because their Higher Self keeps them alive.  Most of the time, our physical problems are just a way for our Subconscious to communicate with us.  Sometimes, some people go so far off course that the Subconscious might give up and say “this person has gone so far off course it is time to bring him back and deliberate over how he can complete his lessons the next time around.”

I guess the next time I would like to enjoy a treat (deep fried mushrooms are my favourite), I should thank my Higher Self for keeping me alive :P.