BladderMore than ten years ago, when I first started my career as a Registered Nurse, I was a young 22 year old straight out of nursing school.  In fact, with my good genes, I really looked like I was 17 years old.  It didn’t seem desirable at the time because I looked way too young to be credible, but I as I got older, I began to appreciate my good genes.

Despite having many different areas of Nursing to choose from, somehow, I found myself in the world of working with elderly people.  I found that one of the most prevalent issues in working with the elderly was the issue of incontinence. Incontinence is defined by the lost of control of the excretion of urine or stool.  This is especially common for women, who will often lose muscle tone with the muscles controlling the bladder due to past experiences of childbirth and hormonal changes after menopause.

This a problem that can be devastating to the self esteem and confidence of those who are affected.  I met a woman in her 60’s once who lost the control of her bladders after a being ill with pneumonia.  Due to complications with her treatment, she was in hospital for over nine months.  I had the rare chance of caring for her consistently for four days in a row.  Somehow, she was making good progress in her recovery and I intuitively got an idea in my head.  I got that I could help her by relentlessly getting her up to the bathroom every hour whether she felt like she needed to go or not.  I was glad that she was willing to trust me despite my youthful appearance and I began to visit her every hour.

At first, she didn’t do anything on the toilet and felt disappointed when she continued to experience incontinence.  On the second day she was able to urinate while she was sitting on the toilet.  One the third day, she no longer had any urinary incontinence.

Over the course of the four days I worked with this patient, I saw drastic improvements in her health and energy level.  She was able to move around more and by the last day I worked with her, she was fully able to control her bladder.  She made such an improvement that the doctors thought she was ready to go home.

When I went to say goodbye to her on the fourth day and final day, she started crying.  The tears were not the tears of sadness but rather, the tears of joy and gratitude.  I felt myself tearing up too.  I was surprised by our success and I began to realize how a well functioning bladder could make such a difference to the quality of life for people.  These are the blessings that many of us take for granted in our daily lives.

What I didn’t know was that this was just the beginning of my journey with helping people with bladder issues.  In fact, ten years after my work with this patient, I had developed a little bladder issue of my own.  I was experiencing issues of frequent urination back in 2012 when I first began to explore spiritual healing.  I had experienced success in healing frequent urination in my first session.

I then worked with another client who had developed issues of frequent urination to the point in which she had to take medications to relieve symptoms of bladder spasms.  During her first healing session, the frequent urination issue was completely healed.  In fact, a year after her session, this client continues to enjoy a fully functioning bladder.

Recently an elderly client came to see me with issues of urinary incontinence. She told me that she would often lose control of her bladder before she could sit on the toilet.

During the session, I asked the Higher Self for the healing of her bladder. After the session ended, the client told me that she didn’t feel like she the healing session worked. This is very common for clients to behave this way after the session because some people don’t have faith in their own self healing abilities.

Two days later, this client called me back and told me that ever since our session together, she was completely healed from the urinary incontinence — no longer having issues with losing control of her bladder! She said to me, “I guess the session worked after all…”