Joan (not her real name) recently approached me for a healing session.  This was a person I have known for a few years and to the best of my knowledge, I thought she was perfectly healthy.  A few months ago, I had overheard Joan speaking to my husband about a problem with her uterus to the extent that the doctors were recommending a hysterectomy — a surgical procedure to remove the uterus.  Joan was quite worried about this but did not want to go into details of her condition.  After all, people don’t usually like to talk about health problems below the waist.

I said to my husband that I would be willing to offer a session should she be interested.  After knowing her for a few years, she feels like family to me.

But Joan did not take me up on my offer until recently when she visited with my family.  She said she was willing to try this “healing thing” in a very casual manner.

During our interview, I tried to get some more specific information on her health condition but she was having issues giving me an exact diagnosis.  All she would say is, “My muscles down there are not very strong anymore and everything is sort of falling down.”
“So, is this causing you a lot of problems?” I asked.
“Well, I have to put this ring in and this ring keeps falling out every time the doctor tries to put it in.  The doctor tried many times and there has been no success.  So, my doctor wants to take my uterus out.” Joan said casually.
“How does it feel without the ring inside?” I asked, trying to get some more information.
“I just have to go to the bathroom all the time and it feels very uncomfortable.”

It seem like Joan was having a Uterine Prolapse, a condition that affects older women who may have had many children.  In Joan’s case, she has had 3 relatively big babies and a pair of twins to top it off.  As she aged and got past menopause, she gradually lost the muscle tone she had in the areas supporting the uterus and the bladder.  This causes the Uterus to collapse downwards into the vagina as well as putting a lot of pressure on the bladder, making it hard to hold the urine in.  At the time of her session, Joan had secretly been struggling with this problem for 18 months.  I was wondering why she had been worried about drinking water, especially later in the day.  Now I realized she had a problem with her bladder.

I can see why the doctors might have suggested removing her uterus.  They must have exhausted all their options in the last 18 months.  But Joan was skeptical of removing organs from the body.

Instead of asking her too many questions, I simply  asked if the Higher Self was willing to heal Joan’s issues with the bladder and the uterus.  At this time, Joan reported feeling the muscles tightening up around her lower abdominal area.

I knew this was a successful session. While she could not give the reasons to why she was having these issues, she felt the energy working on her body.   Joan was also able to experience herself as a yellow light floating in the universe.  After the session Joan said she felt great and had never felt so calm and light in her whole life.

After Joan’s session, I did not see Joan again for three weeks.  When I saw Joan again a few days ago, she did not say anything about the problems below her waist until I loosely mentioned that I seem to get quite a few clients with problems with their uterus and bladder.

“Oh! I forgot to tell you the issue had been resolved.” Joan interrupted my train of thought.
“The issue?” I was momentarily confused by her unique communication style, “Oh! You mean the issue with your uterus! How is that going?” I was intrigued, since Joan didn’t talk about it, I thought she still had the same problems as before.

“Well, I am kind of scared to talk about this.  I don’t know if this is a result of the session we had, but after our session, the ‘ring’ stayed where it was supposed to and I have had no problems with the uterus or the bladder since.” She said literally with her fingers crossed, “I don’t want to talk about this because I am afraid to jinx this.  I have been suffering with this for so long that I am afraid if I speak about it, it will break the good spell and I would be back to square one.”

I could feel Joan’s fear circulating in the air.  Talking about the success of her healing isn’t going to regress her to her previous issues but the fear certainly will. “Joan, do you know that the fear is more likely to sabotage the healing than actually talking about this?” I didn’t know if I wanted to laugh or cry.  I wanted to rejoice in knowing that she had been healed and I want to cry because she was still so fearful about having the uterine prolapse. — which may lead to relapses as fear is a strong emotion that can manifest into real life. “Maybe you should come back some time for a tune up…” I said to her.  She might need one if she keeps this fear thing up.


Two years after the session, Joan is doing very well and her uterus never bothered her again.