I received an email from a reader a week ago with the following question:

Dear May,

I’ve been following your blog for about three months. It is very inspirational to see your manifested intentions. I’d also like to add that it is very refreshing to see someone with manifestation experience genuinely try to help people without experience. Not to mention not trying to charge people for your help.

The intention of my email is to enlist in your help. I have spent countless hours on the internet looking for help, but you seem to be the only person that I feel comfortable in contacting. Anyways, I have been manifesting my desire for an upwards of 5 months. My desire is to make $100,000, a year. I am only 19 years old, so I am unsure if this manifestation is realistic. When I think about my desire, it does seem reasonable. There are teenage movie stars who make millions of dollars. Anyways, I was just wondering how long a desire like this would take to manifest? Also, are there any specific steps I can take to speed the process? I haven’t seen any results thus far. Christmas is rapidly approaching and I do not have a dollar to my name. I would love to manifest some money to give money where it needs to go… to my family. I do not have a job and I am currently leaching money off of my parents. I really hate the idea of that, the economy is bad enough in Rhode Island. I would love to give my parents what they deserve and also what I deserve. So, if you could, please help me out.

Thanks in advance for your help…

First I wanted to share with my readers how I felt when I received this letter…

I was excited, then I was scared.

I was excited because someone asked me for help.  I am always so excited to help other people especially when it comes to helping them manifest their desires but I am scared because I thought, “What if I couldn’t help him? Would that make me a failure?”

I began to feel the responsibility of being asked questions and I am afraid that I am some how responsible for the events that will transpire.  It took me a long time to write the reader back because I needed to thing back to the process I went through to finally manifest some decent chunk of money.  After some deliberation this was what I wrote:

Hi There,

Thank you for writing. I think I need to know a little bit more about your situation before giving any advice. Manifesting money is easy and yet it is not. It requires personal and spiritual development and a lot of self awareness. If you are willing, we can work together and see if there is something you can do. The universe often doesn’t hear your verbal requests, it senses how you feel about things. From what I can tell from your email you are feeling a bit hopeless and the universe picks up on that. It is hard not to feel a bit disappointed in this economy.

Here are a few questions I would like to ask you:

  1. What do you know about the Law of Attraction? What books / movies have you seen about it?
  2. Why do you want the money?
  3. If you manifested $100,000, how would you use it?
  4. Why do your parents need the money?
  5. What is the biggest amount of money you have ever seen in one lump sum?

I can ask even more questions but I think I will stop there for now. I really wanted to manifest $300,000 once but it didn’t materialize within the time frame I had set for it. I realized that it is probably because I didn’t have a really good reason for the money. Can you imagine, there are tons of things I could do for $300,000, like pay off debt and stuff like that, but paying of debt is one of the worse reasons to want more money. I think it must be because the money is filling in somewhere where there is a lack…Anyways, I started really manifesting money when I felt the desire to get pregnant soon after my first son was born. I felt my next child knocking on the door and my husband and I lived in a one bedroom apartment where we had to share a bedroom with our new baby. I said to my next child by just saying out loud to myself, “No No, you can’t come yet, there is no room for you. If you really want to come, you have to help me manifest a bigger place!”. Within a few months I got a check for $500,000, bought a house with 4 bedrooms and was pregnant (much to my surprise at the time because my first child is still very young) as soon as moved in.”

*I have asked the reader for permission to share his / her questions on my blog while protecting his / her identity.

Why did I ask those questions and why was I my purpose for sharing my own story?

I really feel that sharing myself is important with those who interacts with me.  I am not above everyone else, I am just like everyone else.  I started from scratch and I wanted to share what I have gone through so that others may find inspiration in my stories.  I think there are some important things to take away from wanting to manifest money:

  1. The Universe helps us manifest experiences more than it helps us manifest money.
  2. If the experiences requires money, the money will come.

More important than talking about how to manifest money is the process of uncovering limiting beliefs.  I think this is the most critical element of manifesting anything we want.  This is why sometime reading books and receiving advice is not good enough.  The limiting beliefs are what stops us from manifesting the money and since limiting beliefs are not always visible to our own awareness, the process of uncovering them and eliminating them will require some effort on the part of the individual who wants to manifest money and the person helping to eliminate limiting beliefs.

I have had my own share of limiting beliefs in all areas of my life.  Pertaining to money, I have once written about how I felt that if I have money, my mother will take it all away.  Or that I won’t be deserving to keep the money I have because life can’t possibly be this good.

Here is the process I have found helpful in beginning to eliminate limiting beliefs:

Block 1 hour aside at a quite place and sit down with a piece of paper.  On top of the piece of paper, write the title, “When I hear the word ‘Money’ what are some of the things that come to mind?”  One the other side of the paper (I am assuming that a piece of paper has two sides),  write the title, “What my father thinks about money?” and “What does my mother thinks about money?” Write down as much as you can and trace all the way back to your childhood and any events and stories that have made you realize what you thought about money and what your parents thought of money.   I found it easier to do this with paper than it is with typing on the computer but others may find it easier to type on their computer.

After you have done this exercise, you can read it over to see if you find any revelations about you and the way you think about money, or your parents and how they think of money and how these thoughts of money relates with one another.  You can also consider doing this exercise and sending a scan of it to me at may@manifestationstories.com and I would be happy to look over it and point out possible limiting beliefs I can see.

I have had a lot of success in helping friends uncovering limiting beliefs by doing this exercise with them.  If you send me your Uncovering Limiting Beliefs worksheet, I would be happy to look over it and see how you can begin manifesting the life of your dreams 🙂