Gold MedalToday Cedric and I were preparing the Goodie Bags for his sixth birthday party. For some reason, when we went to buy the things he would like to include in his goodie bag, he got a bag of toy gold medals as one of the little trinkets he wanted to give to his friends. As we were putting the gold medals in the goodie bags, Cedric asked, “Are these gold medals only for people who are champions?”
“Not really…” I began contemplating his question before he asked another question.
“How do you become a champion anyways?” Cedric asked.
“To be a champion, you must first feel like a champion and believe you are a champion. You must believe in yourself first.” I said.
“You know…” Cedric paused for a moment and said, “I am kind of like a champion with many things…”
“That’s great!” I held up my hand and Cedric gave me a Hi-Five.

After this conversation was over, he took the gold medals that didn’t make it into the goodie bags and put one around his neck. Then he went and put a gold medal around his brother’s neck, along with all the other family members and guests to ensure that they too, feel like champions. It seemed like he understood how important it is to FEEL like a champion NOW.