Do you know someone whose parents are divorced? Or do you know someone who is a single parent? This is an inspirational story of a man who faced his demons and found God along the way.

I met Ricky Shetty – The Daddy Blogger at a speaking class and I was incredibly touched by Ricky’s inspirational story.  He grew up in a home with frequent incidences of domestic violence and his parents eventually divorced. In this video, Ricky talks about the impact domestic violence and his parents’ divorce had on him.  In our conversation together, I discovered I was not alone in the one secret question I often asked myself as a child with regards to my parents’ divorce. It was very sad for me when we touched on this because I could not believe that other people like Ricky may have asked the same secret question. I had to really hold back my tears in this interview.  As an added bonus, Ricky will share about how he talks to God.  It is not every day I get to talk to someone who can speak to God. I am so grateful to Ricky for giving this beautiful interview.

Here is a short demonstration on how Ricky communicates with God. What he does is truly amazing!

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