Channeled Messages are both a pain and a joy for me.  Partly because I am insecure about them.  I often ask myself, why would anyone want to read channeled messages?  They all speak of Love and Light and seemed like there is no originality to it.  I am not trying to criticize others who channel, but I am really trying to criticize myself and the messages I channel.  So I decided to ask about it:

May: What do you think / know about channeled messages of love and light?  There are so many of these messages out there that all sound the same and all sound way too “positive”.

Answer: So? People want to read these messages.  You might find it redundant but there are people who will find it useful.

May: But the same words has been said many different times.  It is so not original.

Answer: Wholeness and Oneness does not sound original but nothing can be closer the truth.

May: But it is kind of boring hearing it over and over.

Answer: The bible has probably sold millions of copies and people keep reading it over and over.

May: Alright, I get your point.