Have you ever known someone who had a sick pet? Today I had a intuitive coaching session with a man who is going through a traumatic event of having a very sick pet. Rick’s family have had the loving company their dog Sam for over 10 years. Sam had fell ill with a health issue that would require him to go into surgery at the animal hospital. On top of having to deal with a sick pet, Rick had to deal with the financial pressure of coming up with the $4000 USD to pay for the surgery — money that he didn’t have. This left him with the choice of either finding the money he didn’t have or allow the vet to put his beloved dog Sam to sleep.

Rick had felt very guilty about agonizing over this due to a lack of funds. On one hand, this should be a no brainer, Sam is a part of the family and should be saved at all costs. One the other hand, what do you do when you don’t have the money? Rick felt guilty for even considering the lack of funding as an issue and he felt like a bad provider for his family because he didn’t make enough money or spent too much money. This must be a choice that many experienced pet owners have had to make. Do you spend thousands of dollars to save a pet or do you make the decision to end its life?

It was hard for Rick to chat with me and I offered Rick the possibility of ending our call to go support his beloved dog. I also offered the possibility of helping him connect to his spiritual guidance to see what can be done to help him and his dog in the best way possible. Rick agreed to the possibility of connecting to spiritual guidance. As we began the session, both Rick and I took a moment to quiet our breathing and focus on our breath. Suddenly, the phone call cut off for no reason. Rick did not touch his phone and I didn’t touch mine. I felt nervous, was this a sign that we should not do the session? It was true that Rick was in a bad emotional state and I wondered if this would interfere with his ability to connect to his own spiritual guidance. I also felt pressed for time, previously a session to help a someone connect to spiritual guidance can take anywhere from 90 minutes to 5 hours. Luckily for us, Rick had already experienced a session with me where he was able to connect to his own spiritual guidance / inner wisdom. As I was tuning into the space, I also felt a sense of doubt, perhaps a lost of faith given the severity of Sam’s health. If I was being perfectly honest and authentic, I also had my doubts about whether Rick can get what he needed from our time together.

Rick connected to his inner wisdom easily and effortlessly. The first message Rick got from his spiritual guidance was “No matter what happens, everything is perfect and that there is a lesson to be learned. This does not make him a bad person…The lesson he needed to learn was that nothing is more important than family, love, and fellowship.” 

During the session, I received some intuition that I could guide Rick to speak to the spirit of his dog who was about to go into surgery. When Rick connected with the spirit of his dog, he said that Sam’s spirit was shown in the form of a lion. When I asked if Sam’s spirit had something to share with Rick, Rick conveyed this message from Sam, “He wants everyone to know that he loves us and that he feels loved and welcomed by us. He needs to know that he is not a burden on us. This is an opportunity for the family to learn that LOVE is what is truly important right now.”

Rick was able to get further assurances that his family will not be financially ruined by choosing to save Sam and that Rick can find ways of financially supporting his family and his dog. He ended the session feeling calm and relaxed despite the fact that he was still having to deal with the health crisis of his dog and other stressful things associated with his work.

I learned a lot from this session. I admit that I had my doubts on whether Rick can connect successfully to spiritual guidance when he was emotionally upset and stressed. The Universe had shown me that not only was Rick able to connect to his inner wisdom, he connected and got all the support he needed within a short time span of 20 minutes. I realized that no matter how stressful a situation may be, we have the ability to move through challenging experiences with a sense of ease and purpose. We can choose to see possibility instead of fear. We can choose to accept and learn the lessons that are presented to us. The ability to choose possibilities and love in the mists of an emotional storm is an amazing gift to have, especially for people who need to deal with constantly stressful situations. It is a different perspective, one that brings love and insight in the face of chaos.

This leaves me wondering, what if people can see love and possibilities in every challenging situation? Would it be possible for to bring more peace and harmony to our planet if people can choose to view their challenges as lessons they could learn about themselves and how they can best serve others? Will this encourage people to choose love rather than fear?

What do you think? Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below.