I recently finished reading a book by Sylvia Browne called “Life on the Other Side”.  The “other side” was the term used to describe a place our eternal spirits go to when we die.  According to Sylvia Browne, the other side is our real home, a place we return to after our work is done on earth’s physical plane.  This book suggested that we are all here for a purpose and we all came here on earth to learn lessons we planned to learn.

I was familiar with many common themes of this book.  Ideas such as the fact that we have chosen all of our family members and the kind of life we wanted to have before we even came here.  There is also this recurring theme of “reincarnation”.  In this book, Sylvia Browne suggested that we become our own judge after each lifetime and we review each and every single action (or inaction) and contemplate about how well we’ve done in this lifetime and what kind of lessons we have learned.

What I found interesting is that we would choose a life “Major” before we incarnate on earth.  The life major would become our biggest area of challenge in life. There are seven different majors to choose from:

  1. health
  2. spirituality
  3. love
  4. social life
  5. finance
  6. career
  7. family

I think I may still be too young to figure out from my life history what my life “major” might be but I suspect that it would be either spirituality or career.  Initially I thought I must be here to learn about career because I simply cannot settle on one single career path I can be passionate about.  But at the tender age of 28, I think I am still too young to make such a conclusive remark.  When I had the chance to look at this list again while writing this blog post, I realized that spirituality may also be a possibility of something I might have chosen to major in.  This is because I was brought up a catholic and had many people in my life applying pressure on me to be a good catholic when in fact, I never believed in hell and the fact that only those who are catholic can go to heaven.  I am not even sure if I believe in a place called Heaven.  Going to Heaven might mean that I will never get to incarnate again and that is not a very pleasant thought to me.  According to many spiritual healers I have encountered, I have been here many many times, in fact, I was told that I am one of the oldest souls around (yeah, I feel special…) and I really do love all that life has to offer.

Two years ago, I might have thought “love” was my life major because I thought I didn’t know what it means to love, but now I realized that I do have a great capacity to love and be loved.  It couldn’t really be finances either as one fortune teller once told me, “you are very lucky, you will never have to worry about money; even if you are not making money yourself, you still don’t have to worry about money”.

In any case, only time will show me what I have chosen to major in this life time.  There is only one thing I know for sure, I love being here on earth, and I love experiencing all the emotional ups and downs that are associated with being human.  At the same time, I am not afraid to die either.  I have already had 2 incidences in which I could have died but I didn’t and I wasn’t one bit afraid knowing that I could have died.  Sylvia Browne suggested that we have a total of 5 exit points in our lives in which we could leave this physical plane and return Home.  Some of these exit points are obvious, like near death experiences, serious accidents, or avoiding a potentially deadly event; some exit points are not so serious, like I might suddenly feel like bailing out of an appointment that would have gotten me in a car accident.  Based on this theory, I have already used up at least 2 of my 5 exit points that I know of and unaware of using up any other exit points.  This is cutting me rather close to my 5 total exit points and I am only 28!! I think it will be rather interesting how this one will turn out.