“Dante, Mommy and Daddy are going out,” I said to my four year old son as I was walking out, “You stay with Granny ok?”
“Where are you going?” Dante asked.
“We are going to go look at a new house.” Daddy said to my great dismay.
“I want to go with you!” Dante pleaded while clinging to Daddy’s long legs.  I knew this was going to happen —
“Dante, we are not even sure we are going to move yet, we are just looking to see if there is another place we could move to.” I said, “Besides, do you want to move?”
“Yes I want to move to a new house!” Dante jumped up and down enthusiastically.
“Why do you want to move to a new house?” I asked, I thought he was quite fond of the girl who lives across the street.
“So I could have a PET!” Dante said.

Oh dear, all those days when he asked for a pet we used to use the excuse that our landlord — the person we are borrowing the house from said that we could not have pets.  I did not know that our excuses could have had such a lasting impression.  “We’ll see what we can find.” I said nervously as I got into the car.  After all, most landlords do not permit pets when they rent out their houses.

Fish TankWe drove to the house we were considering and immediately liked what we saw.  The house was beautifully furnished and was just what we were looking for.  Given that we did not own a lot of furniture, the owner of the house said that it would be preferable if she didn’t have to move all of her furniture out as she would have nowhere to store them.  We were ecstatic about the possibility of being able to use all these beautiful furniture without having to purchase our own furniture.


“There is one thing I am not sure what to do with,” The landlady said, “and that is the little fish tank I have in the corner.”
“Oh, a fish tank,” I mumbled nervously, “I am not sure what to do with the fish either, I had never own any fish.” Besides eating them when I used to eat meat…
“It’s a self cleaning and self feeding tank, you barely have to do anything for the fish.” The landlady said with a glint of hope in her eyes.
“Hey, it’s a pet isn’t it?” My husband said with much amusement and a big smile on his face.
“Well, well, what do you know…Dante may actually have a pet after all” I said.

We went home to tell everyone we’ve found a new place and Dante was very excited to know that the house already has pets in it.  What can I say? Dante has already perfected the art of manifesting what he wants!

Update September 2017:

Dante now has two cats as pets 🙂