The year 2006 marked an instrumental chapter of my life.  It was the year I discovered the concept of manifestation and it was also the year I put my first big manifestation project to the test — manifesting my soul mate. The following is an inspirational story about how I met my soulmate. Wedding Album Cover

The date was April 19th when I visited my good friend and nursing colleague Gillian to have tea at her house.  It was one day after attending a personal development seminar when I realized I wasn’t in the space of receiving love.  I had closed my heart to the possibility of having love in my life and this had subsequently caused me to close my eyes to seeing the opportunities that might have been presented to me.

I was sitting in Gillian’s apartment sipping my tea when I said to her, “Did you know that if you write down your goals or something that you want, it might come true?”
“No, I did haven’t really thought about that idea.” Gillian said apprehensively.
“I am thinking about doing an experiment to see if this actually works.  I think I should write down what I want and when I want it.” I said.
“Well, what is it that you want?” Gillian asked.
“I would like to meet my soul mate in 3 months.” I announced.

I opened my planner to the date April 19, 2006 and wrote, “May will meet her soul mate in 3 months”.  Then, I fast forwarded to July 19, 2006 and wrote in a green pen in my planner, “May is supposed to be dating her soul mate” and left it at that.

Nothing really happened right away and I went about my daily routine.  At the end of May 2006, I was chatting with my friend Luke when he revealed that he had signed up for an account on a popular dating website Lavalife.  I asked Luke what he had put in his profile and he told me that he wasn’t going to tell me.  So I thought to myself, “Fine! Don’t tell me! I guess I am going have to go on Lavalife and try to find Luke’s profile instead”.  I proceeded to set up an account that allowed me to search for people by region and tried to find my friend for 4 days.  During the 4 days I was on Lavalife, I received smiles from 50 different guys and I thought I was spending way to much time on lavalife without much progress of finding Luke’s profile.  After 4 days of intensively searching, I did not end up finding Luke’s profile, but someone else found me instead.  I was contacted by a guy with a nickname of “Nicetallguy” who sent me a paid message saying that he was really interested in my profile and thought we had some similarities.  I was really eager to leave Lavalife since I had given up my attempt to search for Luke’s profile and thought to myself “poor guy, spent money to send me this message and I am leaving the website”.  So I wrote Mr. Nicetallguy back and told him I was really sorry that I would be leaving the website.  He gave me his msn contact and said perhaps we can chat a bit more if I was up to it.  So I added him onto my msn list feeling bad that he had spent money to contact me for nothing.

Mr. Nicetallguy did not message me right away, nor did I message him since I wasn’t actively thinking about searching for a guy (I had completely forgotten my intention to meet my soul mate).  About a week after we had been on each other’s msn list, Mr. Nicetallguy made a move.  He said “Hi” to me and we began chatting away.  What we both noticed right away was the ease and flow of how we conversed online.  The discussions were meaningful, witty, and intelligent.  I revealed to Mr. Nicetallguy that I was taking a personal development course called Landmark Education and he was really surprised when I told him this over msn because he replied, “I took Landmark Education too!”

After a week of chatting online, Mr. Nicetallguy suggested that we might consider meeting in person and I agreed.  I had decided that if I was going to meet any guy from an online website, I must make sure I am in the position that I could run off at anytime if I didn’t like what I see.  So I suggested that he should come to the weekly seminar series I was doing at Landmark Education so that I wouldn’t have to worry about entertaining him.  To ensure we had a chance to chat, I also suggested that we meet for a short coffee 20-30 minutes before the seminar begans.

The day we were supposed to meet came around and I realized I couldn’t have been in a worse shape.  I had started playing my french horn in a community band after 7 years of not playing it and I had cut my lips so badly from playing my horn that my lips were so swollen I could barely speak properly.  I was also dressed in sweats that made me look 40 lbs heavier and wore glasses with no makeup.  In hinsight I recognized that I probably did this on purpose.  I have always thought that if I was to be in a relationship, I would like the man I am with to be attracted to my personality before considering my appearance.

I found him sitting outside the building where the seminar was taking place waiting for me.  We introduced ourselves and proceeded to a coffee shop nearby to get a coffee.  Mr. Nicetallguy had a very unique name “Dobes” and he was 6’7” tall.  I suppose that was why he had given himself the nickname Nicetallguy.  I first had to explain why I couldn’t speak properly.  He asked me why I couldn’t speak properly and I started to explain that I had started playing my instrument after a long time of playing it and had really overexerted myself. He asked, “What instrument do you play?”
With a mumbling voice I said, “I play the french horn.”
He said, “NO WAY!” in disbelief, “I played the french horn too!”
It turned out that he and I both played the french horn in high school, I played in the provincial honor orchestra while he played in the youth symphony.

After our initial meeting people asked me questions like “is he cute?” and “was it love at first sight?” and I must admit, I didn’t get to see his face much.  We got our drinks and decided to walk around the block and he was so tall (I’m 5’4”) I could barely get a good look at him.  I tried to look more, but I just got a sore neck from trying.  It wasn’t really love at first sight either, we didn’t have time to chat about meaningful things before the seminar began.

It turned out that it wasn’t quite the love at first sight for him either.  He went out to lunch with his friends the day after he met me and his friend Melina asked him “so, was she cute?”, and he ended up telling Melina that I was “just average”.  Since we had so much fun chatting online, we continued to talk both online and on the phone and our conversation began to take on a deeper and more meaningful tone.  Five days after our first meeting, I was going to work my nursing shift near where he lived and he came out to meet me for lunch.  According to him, this was when he fell for me because this time, I had a cute hair-do, I replaced the glasses with contact lenses, and I was wearing scrubs.  It must be something about men and their “nurse fantasies”.

By the time I got home at night, he was eagerly asking me when he could see me next.  Feeling alarmed, I put my foot on the break and said, “hey, you are not thinking about wanting to be in a relationship are you?  I just want to be friends!”.  He told me that he did want to consider a relationship that is more than just friendship but he respected my choices and was willing to stay friends.

This “friendship” stage didn’t last very long as we grew closer and closer.  I started to find Dobes more and more attractive as we got to sit down and look at each other more.  He had gorgeous green eyes, dirty blond hair, beautiful features and a kind and gentle soul.  He was always present and had a very thoughtful way of listening to what I had to say.  One of the most important factors that alerted me to the possibility of him being “a soul mate” was the shear number of synchronicities that would occur between us.

The first time I visited his small one bedroom apartment he gave me a little tour, and there were several things that caught my eye.  When he gave me a tour of his bedroom, I noticed that he had a little stereo at the foot of his bed and on top of the stereo was a stack of CDs.  At the very top of this CD stack was the album “The Most Relaxing Classical Music Ever” and that was the same CD that I was listening to in my car while driving to his apartment.  I also noticed the french horn he had placed at the far corner of his bedroom. His french horn had exactly the same case as my french horn and his french horn was exactly the same make, model, and colour as my french horn!  What a coincidence!  Over the course of our relationship, the coincidences that frequently occurs between us never cease to amaze me.

I began asking myself the question, could he be the one?  What if he isn’t? I was concerned that if he wasn’t the one, and I started dating him anyways, I might miss out on the chance of meeting my real soul mate (see how silly I was?).  I began asking the universe for guidance, I remember writing in my journal “Universe, show me some signs of whether Dobes is the one”.  Then I had 3 different dreams in 3 consecutive nights where I had dreamed of 3 different spiritual teachers I have met that came to me in my dreams telling me “he’s the one!!”.  By July 2, 2006, three weeks after we first met at Landmark Education, we professed our love to each other.  July 19th, 2006 came around and I found my own writing in my planner in a green pen stating “May is supposed to be dating her soul mate” and feeling overwhelmed with joy that my intention had came true!  Five months later on November 5, 2006, Dobes asked me to marry him; and one year after we professed our love for each other, we were married in a beautiful ceremony at a rose garden.  Many guests have told us that when we said our vows and kissed, a brisk wind whisked by and sent hundreds of rose pedals swirling in the air like a mini rose pedal tornado.  Maybe it was the universe sending us his blessings…

Now I know dreams really Do come true, and all I have to do, is ASK for it and write it down!

Walking Together


The Kiss