Two days ago I had set an intention on my “Nurse Anxiety” blog post. I wrote the following “ I am asking the universe to assign me patients with great attitude who can walk and talk.  I would like the universe to send me great people to work with.  Lastly,  I ask that I would be grounded and vibrating with a high frequencey throughout the day; as well as feeling healthy and energized after I have completed my shift.”

It is now one day after my shift and I am following up on whether my intentions were manifested…

I had a total of 4 patients.  Not bad since I usually get 5.  Three of them are clear in the head and able to walk to the bathroom on their own.  One patient couldn’t, in fact, she fell the night before attempting to get up by herself.  She was 96 years old, weak, disoriented, and spoke no English.  However, due to her condition, she was assigned a constant care aide that sat by her bedside at all times and assisted her with whatever she needed to do.  This constant care aide was so wonderful because she didn’t even mind helping some of my other patients whenever they wanted something.  I also worked closely with another nurse who knew how to speak in the language my patient was able to understand.  I had a great day!! All my formal nursing related assessments were done in the first 30 minutes of my shift and I spent the rest of the day…I can’t even remember much about what I did for the rest of the day since it was so effortless.

I did however, needed to spend about 12 hours sleeping after my shift was completed.  I slept from 12 am to 12 pm and felt very unsettled in my energy.  I didn’t really feel like being touched and I had to lie perfectly straight with my face up while sleeping.  If I attempted to turn or my husband attempted to snuggle closer I would immediately feel unsettled with some mild nausea.  I am still not sure why this happens but I hope to gain more understanding of this in the near future.

In summary, I thought my intentions manifested beautifully and I look forward to more effortless shifts in the future.