“I really want a watch!” My nine year old son Dante said as he saw his younger brother played with a digital watch that was given to him as a birthday present.

“Why do you need one?” I asked.

“Isn’t it good to know the time?” He asked rhetorically.

His father took him to the mall Dante bought his first watch with the allowance money he had saved. He loved his new watch.

“Mommy, I really like looking at the time and knowing the time whenever I want.” Dante shared enthusiastically as I drove him home in the car from his morning skating practice. Car rides have become the time when we talk about life in general.

“When I was your age, I had a digital watch just like yours and I loved looking at my watch all the time.” I said.

“Why don’t you have a watch now?” Dante asked.

“Right now, our society is run by time. We are being controlled by time. People have calendars and they run their lives based on time. There is a certain time we wake up, a certain time people meet with each other, a certain time you go to school, a certain time you go to sleep.” As I spoke I suddenly had a moment of insight, “One day, you might discover that time is…flexible.”

“What? What do you mean by that?” Dante asked.

“Have you ever briefly woke up in the morning, looked at the clock to see what time it was and closed your eyes for what you thought was a long time but when you opened your eyes again and you saw that only a minute had passed by?” I asked.

“Yes.” Dante replied.

“Have you ever do something you love to do and thought that you had only been doing something for a few minutes and looked up at the clock and realized that an hour had gone by?” I asked.

“Yes…but I am not sure how that works.” Dante said.

“Neither do I, all I know is that if you truly want to, you can control time with your mind one day.” I said.

In my work with helping people connect to their inner wisdom, clients and workshop participants often experience time passing more quickly than they realized. I really think more can be done to experiment with how to release ourselves from being enslaved by time.