Beginning in July of this year, my husband Dobes and I had been doing some “relationship coaching” with relationship coach Alfred Depew.  We were coaching Alfred on getting his business accounting in order with our small business accounting software and in exchange, he offered us the opportunity to do some relationship coaching with him.

Personally, I found relationship coaching to be very…well, I can’t seem to come up with the right word…let’s just say — insightful.  While I have been told I am very “intuitive”, I always have this deep desire to know more about Dobes – what he is thinking, how he is feeling, what is important to him, what inspires him, what doesn’t…  This desire can also be problematic at times because he has mentioned on numerous occasions that he feels he has “no privacy”.  What can I say?  He did pick a wife that is highly intuitive with great deductive reasoning abilities.

Relationship coaching gave me new access to understanding Dobes in the way in which he understands himself.  What I have realized about humans in general is that we do not always understand ourselves; and therefore, we are often at lost with how we can communicate our thoughts and feelings.  During our relationship coaching sessions, we do fun little exercises that allow us to explore our visions and feelings separately and then sharing our thoughts and feelings with each other.

This process also made me realized how synchronized we are.  During one of the relationship coaching sessions, our coach Alfred asked us to pick a symbol that we could use to represent our relationship.  When this question was asked, I just had the thought of something “shinny” and “already knowing” and Dobes thought of a “shooting star”.  Based on our findings, we have decided that the symbol of our relationship is an already knowing shooting star.

On the same night we agreed on our relationship symbol, my mother had a dream which she shared with us the next day when we visited her.  She asked me, “have you thought out a name for your son?”  (I am pregnant).  “No” I said to my mother.  My mother said, “I have a Chinese name for him!” My mother said we should name him “Huai Yu” — which means “to be embraced by the universe”.  I was astonished that she could come up with this name.  I asked her, “Mom! How did you happen to come across this name?” And this is where things got really interesting…

My mother said, “Well, I was having a dream last night that a shooting star came straight towards my head and entered from one end of my head and out the other, leaving behind the name “Huai Yu” fixed in my head…so I got up and quickly wrote it down before going back to sleep so I wouldn’t forget…”

I swear, since I have gotten pregnant, my mother has gotten psychic or something.  We had just chosen a shooting star as our relationship symbol that very day and she has a dream that a shooting star entered her head with my baby’s name.  I sometimes wonder why I didn’t have such a cool dream like that.

Not even a month after naming my son, my mother said to me, “Oh! I have a name for your next child!”
“And how did YOU come up with that name?” I asked with intense curiosity.
“Her brother told me her name” My mother said.

Ok, let me get this straight, my unborn child is telling my mother his own name AND his “sister’s” name – a being that has not been “conceived” yet.  When I asked my mother what the girl’s name would be, she refused to tell me, saying I should at least get pregnant with a girl first.  I am not even done being pregnant with my first child and she is already telling me about my second child – correction, my son had already told my mother about his sister.  I said to my mother, “mom, your memory is not so good, maybe you should just tell me the girl’s name now so you won’t forget”. My mother responded by saying, “don’t worry, her brother will remind me.”

This is very strange coming out of a woman that considers herself a catholic and generally skeptical of psychics and past-lives…

For logistic reasons we have decided to give this unborn baby a Western name of “Dante” and a Chinese name of “Huai Yu”.

Hopefully he will come out soon, today is my due date and I am sort of sick of being pregnant…