Today, while I was about to have dinner on my own at my favourite restaurant, a friend called me on the phone, “What are you up to?” she asked.

“I’m at my favourite restaurant eating my favourite meal.” I responded as I was waiting for my hot pot to cook.

“Can my husband and I come and join you?” She asked.

“Alright.” I said.

Soon after they’ve arrived, during one of the discussions we were having, the husband became annoyed at the wife over something they have been consistently fighting over in the past few months.  They told me that they have not been able to reconcile their differences and even spoken of divorce a few times in the past few months.

I wanted to help put things into perspective so I asked him, “Is your marriage important to you?”

To my surprise and to his wife’s surprise, he said, “I don’t care about my marriage, I just want to retaliate her for all the things she has done.”  He finished with conviction, his facial expression hard his eyes burning with anger.

I could sense the ego strong and clear, this was not coming out of the higher self, this was coming from ego.  And when someone is speaking from ego, there is little I can do.  If I try to reason with him, I would be reasoning with his ego.

A thought came to my mind like a flash of intuition, I looked at them and said,  “Perhaps it would be prudent for us to look at the grand scheme of things.” I continued, “have you ever seen children fight?  It starts out quite simple.  One child annoys the other and the annoyed child resorts to hitting the other child to release the frustration.  The child who was hit became angry too, hitting the other child back.  The child who started hitting does not stop there, she forgets that she was the one who started hitting and hits back again.  Soon, this turns into a full blown fight.  Nations have done this many times too, first they start with some political bickering, then they might move on to firing a rocket or two over, then it turns into a full blown war where no one is willing to back down.  Finally, in the worse possible scenario, an atomic bomb is dropped and there is now nothing left.”

I took a sip of my drink as they listen intensely, his energy softens as I looked at him in the eye, “Think of yourself, many decades into the future, you are laying in your death bed, who would you like to see around your bedside?”

I think I must have hit a home run there because there was not one ounce of resistance left with either of them.  The both realized in that moment that they probably wanted each other there, in their final hours.  I realized there is no better way to resolve small issues other than having the big picture, the final picture in mind.  This helps people to put things into perspective.   When the ego is gone leaving the soul exposed to shine its light,  I can assure anyone that there can only be love.  

I am not sure why this couple decided to contact me today, but I think the Universe wanted them to see Love and I am humbled by the flash of inspiration given to me by the Universe to help this couple.  Sometimes, I must simply trust that things happen for a reason and perhaps today, they wanted to connect with me and the Universe wanted to connect with them 😛

Update: Five Years Later

This couple is still happily married to each other 🙂