“Hey May, did you try to come to my yoga class today? I had to close the door at 9:30 am and I saw someone outside the door who was late and couldn’t get in.  I was pretty sure it was you!” My friend texted me.
“It must have been a future time line you saw because I was pretty sure I was at home. Although I had planned to go to your class next week!” I replied.
“Future timeline!”
“Although this might suggest that in a future timeline, I will be late and get locked out of the yoga class.” I mused.
“She looked exactly like you May!” My friend insisted.
“I am also pretty sure that my twin sister was sleeping on the other side of the world in Taiwan” I said.
“I feel better now knowing that it wasn’t you trying to make the class and I couldn’t open the door.” My friend said.
“In the future if this happens, I’ll just fatten up some more at the Starbucks next door!” I needed to make sure she won’t feel bad in the future.

Ten hours later when I thought back to this conversation I wondered if I had mastered the art of teleportation…