I was doing a review of a 5 year life plan I wrote up at the end of 2006 yesterday.  I came to the realization that nearly everything I had asked for had come true.  Sometimes I wonder if it was because I had created my current reality with my intentions in the past or if my future was projected into the past and showing me what I could actually wish for.

Here are some of my 5 year goals back in 2006:

  1. To be deeply in love with Dobes (at the time of setting this intention, we had been dating for 3 months)
  2. To have a beautiful, healthy family with at least two children
  3. To have many mentors and close friends to share love and success with
  4. To grow spiritually and to understand the power of intention and manifestation

As of today, here are the things that came true:

  1. I am still deeply in love with Dobes, who is now my husband.  We were engaged 5 months after we started dating.
  2. I have a beautiful family with two beautiful little boys
  3. I have mentors, old and new friends I correspond with daily / weekly…
  4. I have gown spiritually, more so than I could have ever imaged.  My intuition and sensitivity have also increased over the past 6 years.  I now have a different level of understanding about life I did not have before.

This is a good reminder to myself.  Whenever I want to complain about my own reality, I can always look at my successes and know that realities are created.  I was talking with Dobes one day and he had an interesting insight.  He said that there seem to be two ways of going about life, (1) to create our own reality and, (2) to experience an already created reality.  Often times when we read the news and watch TV, we are experiencing a reality that has already been created.  If we are not consciously aware of it, we may even mistaken the reality that was created by someone else as our own.

Vision vs Intention

Back in 2006, I was really experimenting with the idea of setting intentions and seeing if the intentions will manifest.  Now, instead of consciously setting intentions, I am having visions of the future, MY future.  Naturally, when this first happens, I want to doubt the validity of my own visions, especially if the visions seemed too good to be true.  I really wonder what is the difference between creating my own reality by setting intentions or to become present to my life’s purpose and accepting the visions I see in my meditation and dreams.  Perhaps all I have to do is take one step at a time and I’ll eventually achieve what I see in my visions.  I have debated on whether what I saw in my vision is what I truly want.  But I am realizing that there is a difference between wanting something and being called to step into my power and my purpose.  Back when I was creating a reality with intentions based on my desires, there was more anxiety and longing.  I was wanting for the sake of wanting.  None of what I wanted really made a difference to this world.  It just made a difference to me…

Now that the Universe had shown me I could truly manifest anything I could have ever wanted. I feel like I am moving into another phase in my life in which doing something that is in alignment with my true purpose could be rewarding in all areas of my life.  It can be scary sometimes, not unlike how I felt when I first entrusted the Universe with my desires.  This time, I have not even spoken of my own desires before the visions started coming.  Perhaps the next 6 years will be another grand experiment to see if the visions will actually come true…