Have you ever tried a past life regression session or a spiritual regression session? These sessions often offer a window into your own soul’s history and I want to share a funny inspirational story related to my first session.

When I first entered the scene during my spiritual regression session, I was a bright, indigo colored light existing in pure love and joy. I was able to create planets and asteroids at will for the pure joy of creation. Creating objects in space was so easy in the non-physical existence in comparison to my current physical existence.

I had my first session more than 5 years ago. But today, I got a reminder of my own session with my eight year old son Dante.

“Mommy, I have a burn for you.” Dante said eagerly in a hushed tone of voice as he finished his skating class. Recently he had gotten into a creative spree of making jokes (good or bad) to tease people.

“What?” I asked with amusement and a tinge of annoyance. There he goes again! What could be so funny this time? I thought to my self.

“Mom,” He whispered with a sneaky look on his face, “Your farts are so powerful, you can create gigantic gaseous planets with them!

What a burn! Dante, you had no idea just how good you are!